Revolutionary Performance with Torrent Partscleaner machine


India, March 2019 

NCH provides partscleaner to a multinational power management company in Pune. The key products manufactured at this facility are Gear Pumps, Vane Pumps, Piston Pumps, Valves, Power Units, and Cylinders. 

 The Challenge

The Plant based at Pune (India) used to face loads of challenges in cleaning parts like Valves, Hutch plates, L2 front and back plate, bearings etc. and had to undergo through a multiple stage cleaning process which involved  -

  • Knock off cleaning in diesel
  • Cleaning in diesel
  • Cleaning in orbit cleaning machine
  • Compressed air cleaning
  • Wipe cleaning

This process was both time and labour intensive and also Parts were susceptible to damage, wear and tear leading to replacement costs.

They were looking for a solution which is an eco-friendly product and also prevent their employees from getting exposed to harmful chemicals.


TORRENT –Powerful Water based Cleaning system

  • The Torrent parts cleaning system uses a combination of water, power and heat to clean the automotive parts.
  • It features a closable lid with special gloves attached; so all parts are enclosed when cleaning.
  • The system is claimed to work five times faster than an automatic or manual system and eliminates the use of organic solvents.
  •  As the system is water based, it also decreases the worker’s exposure to harmful chemicals.


Now the plant workers can clean the components by hi –pressure jet in Torrent and dry the parts by blowing air through in-built air gun.

They did not only achieve high grade cleaning and desired Millipore value but also the users are able to reach the desired places on the parts and clean those targeted areas. Also, it helped in removing fused sand in cleaning.

Reduced cost as less manpower involved and eliminating use of diesel. They are now saving upto INR 25-30 K per month.

They have bought 2 machines outright and 1 is on contract. We also have given Comprehensive AMC for all the three which has given them a worry free service.

Clients Feedback

Sr. Manager – Manufacturing Engineering says -

I want to thank the NCH team for their brilliant service and delivery excellence in all aspects.

NCH and Torrent did revolutionize our cleaning process and I wish them all the luck and wishes and hope that they come up regularly with such inventive products. All the Best!

 About NCH  

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