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NCH India – Community Involvement Program

 NCH India – Community Involvement Program

Recreating useful things from discarded plastic bottles!

CHENNAI, India –NCH India in celebration of 100th anniversary of NCH's global establishment, volunteered at Anna Anandha Illam (shelter home for children) in association with Kathir Social Ventures and carried out a social responsibility activity. Through this program, employees of NCH India along with children at Anna Anandha Illam were able to design and create planter models in which they can grow a plant either at school, office cabin or residential premises with used plastic bottles.

This is in alignment with “NCH Cares” -- one of the biggest world-wide corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects of NCH Corporation in its history. NCH launched a collective effort for all its 55 subsidiaries worldwide to contribute and actively volunteer for two CSRs programs to 100 non-profit organizations. Its goal is to have a historic 100 community service projects completed by the end of 2019!!


About Kathir Social Ventures

Kathir Social Ventures is a for-profit social venture, started to provide employable skill development training for destitute women, youth from different social backgrounds and third genders. They train individuals with different skills which includes tailoring, manufacturing of organic cosmetics and many other eco-friendly products. They are also in to engaging of corporate Volunteer engagement through various CSR programmes.

About NCH Corporation

Established in 1919 in Dallas, TX., as a company that produces and sells maintenance products, NCH Corporation provides products and services in 55 countries around the world, with over USD 1 billion in sales and more than 8,000 employees. NCH provides effective solutions specialized for maintenance of industrial facilities and institutions with over 400 patented products in their product line.