Poultry Farms

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Probiotic Solutions for Poultry Farms

Poultry Farms experience a variety of problems. The overall animal health status decreases due to stress, pathogenic infections, and antibiotic overuse, leading to high mortality rates, and poor egg and meat quality. Environmental odors from ammonia and hydrogen sulfide can also negatively impact animal health and attract insects that carry diseases. There are existing products that address these issues, but they do not treat the root of the problem. Our Probiotic System is a unique, patented combination of microbiology, equipment and configuration that treat the root of the major problems in Poultry Farms.


poultry animal health

Poultry Animal Health

The NCH Probiotic SystemTM can be ingested by the chickens or applied by spraying the bedding of the animals. It results in improved retention of live birds, growth performance and health, improved animal hygiene, reduced odors, including ammonia and hydrogen sulfide.

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poultry environment

Poultry Environment

The NCH Probiotic SystemTM can be sprayed inside the barn on bedding to consume feces that are the source of foul odors and attractant to insects. Topical application of our Probiotic bacteria promotes hygienic working and living conditions.

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