A Proven Solution For Deteriorating Fuel Quality

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Mantek’s Road Runner All Seasons together with their Lubemaster Solar Pump consistently improves the quality of fuel that customers run through their equipment - extending engine life, reducing harmful emissions, and saving customers on fuel costs.

Sydney, August 1, 2013 – Diesel quality has been deteriorating for the past 20 years. The production process of diesel fuel has contributed to this decline through the extraction of rougher grades of crude and shortcuts in refining. The increased demand for premium crude to produce gasoline, jet fuel and kerosene has limited the supply available for the production of diesel. Additionally, environmental restrictions and mandatory reductions in emissions, such as CO2, have modified the condition of diesel fuel over time. The handling process also poses threats to the quality of diesel fuel, specifically the potential for contamination in oil wells, refineries, delivery trucks, storage tanks and equipment. Diesel contamination leads to lower cetane levels that affect the ignition ability of fuel and reduce lubricity, which causes chemical and mechanical wear. More importantly, poor diesel fuel quality creates higher exhaust emissions, damaging our ozone layer and contributing to global warming.

Mantek, a premier global manufacturer and supplier of industrial and commercial maintenance products and services, developed a solution to this critical problem - Road Runner All Seasons. Road Runner All Seasons is a performance enhancing diesel improver. Detergents and dispersants in this product keep injectors and fuel systems clean; while containing lubricating agents that help protect against component and seal wear.

A trial was conducted on a mobile fleet of ore handling vehicles and haulage trucks transporting clinker from a quarry pit to a crushing and processing plant at ground level throughout 2007/08. The objective was to determine possible improvements in operating efficiency from the addition of Mantek’s Road Runner All Seasons to bulk fuel supplied from petroleum distributors. The trial was conducted against baseline usage in 2006/07 without fuel additive, this report details findings of consumption, costs and environmental parameters throughout 2007/08 with Mantek’s Road Runner All Seasons diesel improver.

Improvements achieved through the usage of Road Runner All Seasons included:
• Consumption efficiency – reduction of average fuel consumption rate per vehicle, approximately 5.5%
• Cost efficiency – net fuel cost reduction for test vehicles, approximately $90,000 p.a.
• Projected net fuel savings for entire fleet, approximately $157,000 p.a.
• Carbon Dioxide reduction of 342 tonnes p.a.
• Significant reduction of exhaust gas pollution values

Against conventional fuel treatments, which address limited aspects of diesel fuel quality and performance, Road Runner All Seasons is unique in its capacity to address a broad spectrum of conditions, which detract from diesel fuel efficiency. Road Runner All Seasons reduces emissions, reduces friction and wear in fuel delivery systems, separates water from fuel, cleans injectors and pumps in service, prevents rust and corrosion in tanks and controls bacteria growth in both fuel and water phase, within 8 hours. Customers have experienced an overall improvement in their fuel economy, with an average of 6% reduction in diesel fuel consumption and in some cases 15%.

5 years after the introduction of Road Runner All Seasons, Mantek has devoted more resources to research and development for the further improvement of customers’ diesel fuel efficiency and reduced environmental impact. Their research found that consumers were not consistently adding Road Runner All Seasons improver to their diesel. This was due to lack of understanding regarding product dosage and tracking. Mantek concluded the best solution for further improvement to engine performance, was to consistently improve the quality of the diesel fuel that customers ran through their equipment. For this reason, they developed the revolutionary and environmentally friendly Lubemaster Solar Pump.

The Lubemaster Solar Pump was developed to automatically and consistently inject Road Runner All Seasons into consumers’ diesel during delivery. The pump dispenses an exact amount of diesel fuel improver at the optimal time, using safe and eco-friendly solar power. A small computer controls the quantity of Road Runner All Seasons dispensed and an intelligent onboard modem sends valuable system information via text message to your Mantek service advisor for continued, reliable and accurate maintenance.

Together, Road Runner All Seasons and the Lubemaster Solar Pump enable diesel users, with minimal effort, to see significant savings in fuel cost, improve engine life, and ensure contaminants are not present in their system; all while reducing harmful emissions into the environment. Mantek has provided diesel fuel consumers with a complete and proven solution to the problems caused by today’s deteriorating diesel fuel quality.



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