NCH Biological Wastewater Treatment 

With wastewater from kitchens, bathrooms and public areas to consider, hotels need a solution that is effective and easy to maintain. For many, environmental impact is also a significant consideration.

In the December 2016 Issue of Sustainability Matters, President and CEO of NCH Asia, David Weiss gave his opinion on industry challenges, technology and growth in 2017. 

NCH has launched the water-based Torrent Parts Cleaner, which is designed to clean greasy machine parts and tools up to 10 times faster than existing automatic machines.

NCH lubricants specialist Stephen Scahill discusses the evolution of mining fuels and lubricants with Vetti Kakulas in the August 2014 Issue of Mining Monthly. 

Diesel Guard and Diesel Mate are fuel additives that boost engine perfomance, improve petroleum quality and ignition characterisitcs. These products prevent engine deterioration and rust build-up by reducing oxidation, stabilizing fuel and decreasing emission smoke. 

라는 내용으로 캠아쿠아의 냉각수 관리 서비스와 더불어 전자전기클리닝서비스, HVAC클리닝서비스를 소개했습니다.

In most workplaces, electrical equipment needs to be cleaned safely without the risk of electric shocks or outages. This research led Chemsearch to develop the Lexite NF non-flammable aerosol cleaner and degreaser, which is specially designed for electrical equipment

NCH announces the launch of a new water-based parts washing system that is designed for safer parts cleaning with low impact on water resources and the environment. 

Sydney, Australia Nov. 12, 2014: 

NCH a leading provider of industrial and commercial maintenance products, now offers a patented water-based parts washing system, Torrent 400. The Torrent 400 parts washing system is designed to clean machine parts, easily, safely, and with low impact on water resources and the environment. 

NCH has introduced a new rust converter in Australia that extends steel life and also saves time and money. Chelade stabilizes rust and converts it into a paintable surface. It is compatible with most paints, leaves a protective polymer barrier on surfaces and requires minimal surface preparation. 

(SEOUL=뉴스와이어) NCH Korea today announced its 'Xodor - Odor removal program', which is to expel odor created in industrial sites such as food wastewater and wastewater treatment facilities.

People may feel unpleasant and repugnance from substances, such as ammonia, methyl mercaptan and hydrogen sulfide, which are continuously created in industrial sites. In particular, odor spreads very fast, and it is difficult to measure odor levels, since each person has a different threshold for odor.

Deployed Torrent, which blocks splashing of residues or volatile odor during the process of eliminating residues, such as solvent

Reduces work time by 50 percent compared to using hand-held brush, since Torrent can completely wash away grease spots beyond reach with high-pressure spraying of washer fluid

Dramatically improves the health and safety of employees, as improve overall work environment.

SEOUL--(Korea Newswire) July 9, 2015 -- NCH Korea ( today announced that it is providing ‘Torrent’, its environmental-friendly high-performance partswasher, for Samjung Automission’s auto pa

rts remanufacturing business.

SEOUL- 2016 NCH Korea launches 'NCH Mobile Laboratory for Environmental Management', the on-site wastewater and odor analysis service. Environmental concerns are heightening, government regulation is tightening, and environmental waste processing cost is increasing. The "NCH Mobile Laboratory for Environmental Management" is a mobile research lab, in which NCH's environmental specialist in NCH Wastewater business unit visits customers, to measure and analyze wastewater and odor using a measuring device. 

NCH Asia President & CEO, David Weiss is the first foreign CEO to appear on the cover of Monthly Environmental Engineers Magazine in Korea. See his full interview here.

With the vision to deepen relationships with its customers in Asia, NCH Philippines, the local counterpart of US-based NCH Corp., transforms into a more integrated company under the unified brand name NCH, thereby reinforcing its strength in an increasingly competitive market.

NCH Corp. has been in business for almost 100 years and is a trusted provider of maintenance services and chemicals that focus on cleaning water, conserving energy and maintaining equipment for businesses. 

MANILA, Philippines – NCH Philippines, the local counterpart of US-based NCH Corp. has transitioned into a more integrated company under a unified brand name with the vision to deepen relationships with its customers in Asia.

NCH is a provider of maintenance services and chemicals that focus on cleaning water, conserving energy and maintaining equipment for businesses.

NCH Korea announced today that it will target injection moulding market, where there is increasing number of clients wanting to consult to purchase ‘Torrent’, its environmental-friendly high-performance parts-washer.

Torrent, the environmental-friendly high-performance partswasher, is a high pressure, water based, parts washing system that improves upon outmoded parts washing systems by improving efficiency, maintaining workplace safety, and reducing the environmental impact. Torrent eliminated the danger of breathing organic solvent vapor, therefore, improving the work environment. It also increased temperature of the washer fluid, providing improved detergency, while dramatically decreasing the number of working hours. In particular, with the use of special anti-rust additives, it is non-corrosive, and using dryer function of the washer, parts will be perfectly dried in a short period of time, and may be used immediately. In particular, Torrent allows to do parts washing within a sealed equipment, therefore, users do not inhale or directly touch toxic substances. Therefore, it guards employees’ health and safety, and at the same time, it dramatically improves work environment.


Verified safety of its boiler treatment products, which are in direct contact with food, by organizations that are responsible for food safety.

Seoul, 2015. 11. xx - NCH Korea today announced that its 9 types of “Boiler Treatment Products for food processing facility” were proven safe by NSF(National Science Foundation), which is a United States government agency that supports fundamental research and education in all the non-medical fields of science and engineering.

세계적인 산업설비 유지·보수 제품 제조기업인 NCH코리아는 1일 친환경 고성능 세척 장비인 '토렌트(Torrent)’에 대한 구매 요청 상담 고객 수요 증가에 따라 사출 금형 시장 공략 강화에 나선다고 밝혔다.





•냉각수 자동관리 시스템’, 데이터센터 쿨링 타워(냉각 탑) 및 스팀보일러 냉각수의 순환상태를 상시 모니터링 하여 기준치를 초과하면 냉각수를 자동 배수
•공조시스템(HVAC) 클리닝 서비스’는 데이터 센터의 통풍이 향상되고 열교환 효율성을 높여 전력비 절감 효과와 관리 효율성 제공
•전기전자 설비 클리닝 서비스’, 데이터센터 전기 전자 설비들에서 오작동 및 누전 화재 사고 등이 발생하지 않도록 오염물 세정

서울, 2015. 2. 9 - 세계적인 산업 설비 유지 보수 제품 제조 기업인 NCH코리아(, 지사장 김동은, 엔씨에이취코리아)는 데이터센터 내부의 온도 및 습도를 일정 범위 내에서 유지하는 항온항습을 유지할 수 있도록 지원하는 ‘냉각수 자동관리 시스템’ 출시와 함께, ‘전기•전자 설비 클리닝’ 과 ‘공조시스템(HVAC) 클리닝’ 서비스를 개시한다고 밝혔다. **공조 시스템(Heat Ventilation Air Conditioning: HVAC, 전산설비에 신선한 공기 순환과 미세 먼지 제거, 온도와 습도 유지를 위한 냉각수 자동 관리 등을 위한 시설)

[에너지데일리 송병훈 기자] 세계적인 산업설비 유지보수 제품 제조 기업인 NCH코리아(지사장 김동은)는 16일 충북 음성군에 위치한 사회복지시설인 '새생명 장애인의 집'을 방문, ‘사랑나눔운동’을 펼쳤다.


Mantek’s Road Runner All Seasons together with their Lubemaster Solar Pump consistently improves the quality of fuel that customers run through their equipment - extending engine life, reducing harmful emissions, and saving customers on fuel costs.

Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses operates over 50 franchised stores across Victoria. The company is located in a groundbreaking food manufacturing plant in Melbourne’s North West growth corridor, which was designed with energy minimisation and environmental stewardship clearly in mind.

The Torrent parts cleaning system and the Yield release agent are designed to improve safety and efficiency during the disassembly of an engine.

The Yield release agent can loosen stuck metal parts without the need for a hot-work permit and parts can be removed in a timely manner without damaging the metal or metal threads. The product also contains an inhibitor to prevent any further rust or corrosion.

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