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The role of Lubricants in Brewing Beer

For High Performance and Optimize Equipment Efficiency

NCH Asia Pacific, May 8, 2021

From malting to packaging, every process in a brewery has a high dependence on the performance of its equipment; however, equipment inefficiency and breakdowns are common occurrences in breweries. These situations can halt operations for days, and even contaminate the beer therefore adversely affect its quality and result in various safety compliance issues. The implications are also huge in terms of revenue loss and damage to brand reputation. Superior lubricants can be a powerful enabler in tackling these concerns, and hence their demand is witnessing a sharp rise in the beer-making industry.


What are High Performance Lubricants?

High performance lubricants are designed and developed to improve equipment efficiency by providing extended and effective protection under severe conditions, and in certain applications they also have a role in ensuring food safety where required. Brewing equipment operates for extended time under high loads, high speeds, and mostly in wet environments. The use of superior lubricants that can withstand these extreme requirements ensures that the brewing equipment operates at its top efficiency and minimizes the occurrence of failures and downtime.

For these reasons, lubricants used in the Brewing industry need to have superior water resistance. “They must bear high loads and impacts without leaving uprotected spots, must withstand high-speed conditions and work properly when exposed to high temperatures”, says Ermanno Brignolo, Regional Technical Manager, NCH Lubricants Asia Pacific. Thus providing breweries with long-term protection and high performance.

Whether the application calls for food-grade or non food-grade lubricants, both oils and greases are specially designed to suit all needs and demands in this industry. Food-grade lubricants, though, are specifically developed to be used on the food-processing machines, and they must meet increasingly strict requirements depending on the chance of getting in contact with the processed food. International Food Health organisations define the parameters for the categories of food-grade lubricants, from the base level where incidental contact may take place between food being produced and lubricants due to a leak, overflow or any other reason, to edible lubricants that are designed to lubricate the equipment that constantly handles the ingredients.

Benefits of Superior Lubricants in the Brewery Process

High performance lubricants are the best and most effective substitutes to their traditional counterparts for all lubrication points across a brewery plant. They have valuable applications in crushers, separators, filters, compressors, boilers, conveyors, stirrers, motors, pumps, centrifuge, lift boxes, gearboxes, roller brushes, sterilizers and other brewery equipment.

These lubricants provide the following advantages:

  • Exceptional Performance under Heavy Loads and High Speeds.
  • Protection against wear and tear, oxidation, rust, corrosion and friction.
  • Reductio of the occurrence of breakdowns and downtimes.
  • Increase of longevity of equipment.
  • Lowering service and maintenance cost.
  • Improvement of production efficiency.
  • Save money in energy consumption.
  • Cut down parts replacement costs.
  • Meet customer safety compliance standards.

NCH Lubricants provide top-class lubricants that prove to be of paramount importance for operational efficiency and optimal performance for breweries. NCH understands that brewery machinery and equipment require good care, and that choosing suitable lubrication will not only extend the life of equipment, but assist breweries in operating with less downtime and reducing overall running and maintenance costs.

Selecting the right lubricant can be a challenging and extenuating task; however, as a result of extensive research and development, NCH Asia has developed the highest quality lubricants for the brewing industry. Its experts can conduct a need analysis of your brewery plant and recommend a tailor-made comprehensive lubrication solution for the best results, taking off the table challenges and uncertaintiess. Get in touch with NCH Asia to know more.