7 August 2017

Diesel fuel additives for tractors


Diesel is the preferred fuel to power a tractor because of the weight of the vehicle. As a result of their weight, greater horsepower is essential to carry out its daily workload. Tractors are usually required to carry heavy duty extensions (such as ploughs) which require additional engine support in order to function effectively.


To generate the power required, diesel engines are designed to have a greater torque output than gasoline engines. Without diesel engines, it would be difficult to carry out agricultural labor at the rate and scale that is possible today.

Diesel fuel additives and their agricultural applications

Utilizing a fuel additive for your tractor’s diesel engine can boost the productivity of your working day. Although there are many reasons to utilize fuel supplements in working machinery, in particular, fuel additives for tractors can:

  • Extend the diesel’s lifespan – when in use, tractors and other agricultural machinery function throughout the day with minimal downtime. As a result, it is beneficial for the diesel to function for longer without re-fuelling. Fuel additives can drastically improve fuel longevity and some additives improve the lubricity of low sulphur fuels (which can considerably improve overall engine function).
  • Prevent decreasing fuel quality – although the applications of agricultural vehicles vary, it is not uncommon for tractors to remain unused for long periods of time. If the diesel fuel remains stagnant and motionless, the quality of the fuel can be dramatically decreased. It is recommended to obtain additives that stop this gradual fuel degradation.
  • Keep fuel clean – tractors are extremely robust and are built with longevity and durability in mind. In some cases, the engines of a tractor may be older and the need for clean fuel to promote productive engine function is essential. Furthermore, tractor fuel may become contaminated by various impurities in a potentially soiled agricultural setting.
  • Help to differentiate fuel type – although legislation can differ depending on specific country guidelines, a color additive can be added to diesel to indicate that the fuel is for agricultural use only.

How do I add a diesel additive to my tractors engine?

There are a number of steps to follow to ensure you make the most of your diesel fuel additive

  1. Use the fuel already in your tank until it is running low.
  2. Add the fuel additive.
  3. Using a clean mixing stick, blend the diesel fuel and the additive well.
  4. Finally, it is advised to run the vehicle’s engine to allow the additive to fully circulate throughout the fuel system.

As always, when handling diesel fuel and property enhancing supplements, it is recommended that personal protective equipment is used.

NCH Lubricants can offer advice on which diesel fuel additives are best suited to your tractor. We can offer a solution that will help increase the life of your working vehicle’s engine.


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