1 July 2019

Cleanliness and maintenance of school property

Students spend such a large proportion of their time in school - learning, growing and being shaped into the adults of tomorrow. With this in mind, it’s only natural to want the best environment for children to learn in.

Whilst it may be easy to place the responsibility on educators to provide an environment suitable for learning, the role that cleaning and maintenance teams play should not be underestimated. Ultimately, educational institutions have a duty of care to protect students and staff and will have a number of standards and laws to comply with. Cleaning and maintenance teams work hard to ensure that these standards are taken care of, and cultivate exceptional learning environments in the process.

NCH Asia Pacific provides both cleaning and maintenance solutions for schools, ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for pupils, teachers and visitors.

Water treatment solutions for schools

NCH Asia Pacific provides a number of water treatment solutions suitable for the education sector, to ensure safe water delivery throughout the premises. This applies anywhere from the boiler system or cooling tower that regulates the temperature of the school, to the drinking water supplied to everyone inside.

The control of legionella bacteria in school water systems is also important to take into consideration. With legionella outbreaks often associated with illness and sometimes even fatalities, keeping this harmful bacteria at bay is a top priority. We believe prevention is key, which is why we offer legionella risk assessments to stop any potential bacteria in its tracks. We can then offer the best water treatment solution if any issues are discovered.

Drain and wastewater treatment solutions for schools

The requirements of a wastewater system in a school environment are much more than in a domestic application. With high levels of sewage to consider and a busy kitchen in use on a daily basis, it’s easy for problem areas to arise. NCH Asia Pacific offers wastewater solutions for schools to help with:

  • Clogged drains causing backups and overflow
  • Foul odours
  • High FOG (fat, oil, and grease) levels exceeding permitting levels

Maintenance solutions for schools

With a high number of people moving through a school each day, well-used areas can become dirty in a short time. Let NCH Asia Pacific provide you with school maintenance solutions for:

  • Floor care - our products protect against scratches, scuffs, heal marks, soil, water, detergents and cleaners, with fewer coats and a shorter drying time.
  • Graffiti removers - we offer a selection of liquid cleaners, aerosols and wipes that can remove paint, marker pens, lipstick, crayon or other inks.
  • Acid descalers - remove limescale, stains, and hard food build-up on kitchen utensils and other hard surfaces.
  • Bathrooms -  remove stubborn stains and soap scum with our all-purpose cleaners that can be used on toilets, urinals, shower stalls, sinks, and more.

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