12 February 2018

Aerosol multi-purpose lubricant


Aerosol multi-purpose lubricants are a must-have item in stores, warehouses and toolboxes in every industry due to their ability to tackle a wide range of applications.


What can multi-purpose aerosol lubricants be used for?

High-quality general lubricants are convenient, easy to apply and provide solutions to a variety of problems. They can be used in a diverse range of applications. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Locks and hinges: Multi-purpose aerosol lubricants are ideal for freeing up sticky or partially rusted locks and hinges as you can target the area easily and accurately. In addition to this, the lubrication offers protection from further corrosion.
  • Tools: Aerosol lubricants offer superior protection against wearing and corrosion, keeping tools in top working condition.
  • Fittings: Fittings such as nuts & bolts are prone to sticking after time. Multi-purpose lubricants help to free up built-up rust and loosen the fittings easily and effectively.
  • Outdoor applications: Industrial-strength lubricants are ideal for applications which are subjected to external conditions such as boats or shipyards, outdoor machinery, motorbikes and cars etc. due to its resilience in harsh and wet conditions.
  • Food and beverage production: Food grade multi-purpose lubricants are ideal for situations where incidental contact with food processing equipment is likely as they are odorless, colorless and do not contain contaminants which are harmful when ingested.
  • Machinery: Aerosol multi-purpose lubricants can be used for any type of machinery. From plant equipment to farm vehicles, they provide protection against heat and corrosion and reduce friction to prevent wear to internal mechanisms.
  • Workshops: Garages, workshops and maintenance stores should be fully stocked with multi-purpose aerosol lubricants as they are ideal for driving out moisture, loosening rusted parts, providing protection against corrosion and reduction friction.
  • Metalworks: Lubricants protect against rust and corrosion, reduce friction and keep metalworks cool during the machining process.

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