Swine Animal Health

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Pig Health

Current Problems

Currently, Swine Farms commonly have high levels of animal stress, poor hygiene, antibiotic overuse and disease pressures. Due to these problems, there are increased mortality rates, increased feed costs, increased medical expenses and the pigs have low daily and overall weight gain. These problems all contribute to major costs to farmers.


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Our Process

The NCH Probiotic SystemTM can be ingested by the pigs or applied by spraying the animals and pens, resulting in improved growth performance and health, improved animal hygiene, and reduced odor, from ammonia and hydrogen sulfide gases.

The pigs ingest the live activated probiotic bacteria directly from their drinking water source; there is no need to blend or mix the product into their feed. The pigs and pens can be automatically sprayed with the existing misting or sprinkler systems, which can be dosed with the probiotic, with no need to manually clean, scrub or apply the product.

Case Study

56 pigs were randomly divided into 2 groups, over a 35-day period. One group of 28 pigs was treated with our probiotic solution via their drinking water and the rest of the pigs, a control group, were left untreated.

NCH Probiotic SystemTM was set up to feed directly into the water supply of the pigs.

Swine Animal Health

Growth Performance in Treated Pigs
Gained more weight: +42.6% (190 vs. 271 g/day)
Improved feed intake: +21/8% (317 vs. 383 g/ day)
Improved feed efficiency: +17.7% (0.599 vs. 0.702)
Reduced frequency of diarrhea: -50% (6.35 vs. 3.17)

Reduced Mortality Rate in Treated Pigs – the mortality rate was 4 times less than in the control group: 1/28 vs. 4/28 respectively.

Advantages vs. Alternatives

Our System:

  • Produces 1000 times the bacterial count of competitor products on a daily basis
  • Can be automated to reduce labor costs
  • Produces live active vegetative cells
  • Bacteria are kept stable during storage

Competing Products:

  • Produce a much lower bacteria count
  • Require manual feeding to pigs or mixing of products into feed
  • Are often in spore form or other dormant forms
  • Instability in storage can lead to degradation of cells before they reach the animals
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