Probiotics 101

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Probiotics are commonly composed of freeze-dried live bacteria such as Lactobacillus found in the gut or spores formed by Bacillus species of bacteria.

Lactobacillus - Same as the bacteria that naturally grow in the gut and produce lactic acid to inhibit pathogenic bacteria.

  • Difficult to store, grow and transport, as they don't form spores. They must be used in a vegetative state.

  • Exposure to moisture and nutrients will cause the cells to begin to degrade before reaching the animals for use

  • Require large quantities to reach optimal CFU/kg dosage.

- Same bacteria that are naturally found in the gut

  • Form spores that are stable under harsh conditions such as heat, cold, high or low pH, lack of water or nutrient, and chemicals.

  • Spores remain dormant until activated by chemical signals, then begin to grow and divide

Both Lactobacillus and Bacillus compete for food with pathogens, working by competitive exclusion.

Vegetative Bacteria vs. Spore Bacteria

Bacteria in spore form are in a dormant state and are resistant to heat, cold, high or low pH and chemicals. And vegetative bacteria are alive and growing, meaning they are susceptible to heat, cold, pH, chemicals, as well as lack of food and water.

Activity of Probiotics in the Intestine

Probiotics are most effective in the intestines of animals where most bacterial activity naturally occurs, especially in the colon.

Treatment with antibiotics can kill pathogenic bacteria, but can also kill healthy bacteria in the intestines. Probiotics help to repopulate the gut to prevent new pathogens from colonizing.

Probiotics are ‘reinforcements’ for the naturally occurring population of healthy bacteria.

They perform many of the same functions, coating and protecting the surfaces of intestinal walls and breaking down nutrients for absorption.

Introduction of foreign bacteria will help to stimulate the immune system of animals, assisting in faster response to pathogenic bacteria 

Free-Flow ProbioticTM

The Probiotic Water Treatment System Uses a Specially Designed Probiotic

  • Contains a blend of Bacillus strains delivered in a living, vegetative state that begins working right away.
  • Delivery is through the drinking water, not through the feed
  • The Bacillus strains are grown fresh on site in massive quantities, making daily dosages economical even at large farms
  • The Free-Flow integrates with the current water delivery system, requiring few or no process modifications
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