Poultry Environment

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Current Problems

Currently, Poultry Farms have continuous problems with foul odors, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, excessive flies and large amounts of fecal waste in the barns. Due to these problems, there is an increased risk of diseases spreading, stress on the birds’ respiratory systems, and unpleasant and unsanitary working conditions. These conditions may lead to fines and penalties, community complaints, and a bad reputation.

Our Process

The bedding of each barn can be lightly sprayed with a diluted amount of our probiotics, so the bacteria can consume fecal waste without harming the respiratory systems of the birds. Topical spraying of probiotics adds several benefits; it decreases the hydrogen sulfide and ammonia levels, therefore reducing the foul odors. It reduces unsanitary conditions, which can attract flies and it promotes a less stressful working environment.

Advantages vs. Alternatives

  • Fully programmable and self-contained hands free operation, 24/7
  • May supplement mechanical, physical, and electrical pest control options
  • May lower labor costs
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