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27 March 2020

Why is algae removal from wastewater important?

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When it comes to wastewater algae can be a serious issue. Wastewater can heavily promote the growth of algae which can be harmful to human health and lead to odor issues. 


The dangers of algae in wastewater

Algae thrive in wastewater due to the high level of nitrogen and phosphorus often found there. Though wastewater is treated to minimize these pollutants algae will bloom quickly in slow-moving or stagnant water.

The decomposition of blue-green algal blooms can produce foul odors which can be highly unpleasant for those nearby. Furthermore these blooms can have a serious environmental and health impact.

If algae is released into the environment with the wastewater, such as when it is used for wastewater irrigation, it can have a serious environmental impact. Toxins released by these algal blooms can poison both humans and animals if consumed, or produce ‘dead zones’ if the toxic water mixes with lakes or streams, killing aquatic life due to reduced oxygen levels and neurotoxins being released.


What is the best algae remover solution?

Some treatment solutions will only mask the odor caused by algae growth. This may not deal with the root cause and can lead to some toxic algae remaining, leading to regrowth. It is vital that the algae is fully removed from the wastewater to ensure the prevention of health or environmental damage.

NCH Asia Pacific’s Xodor treatment solution takes care of not only the odor caused by an algal bloom in wastewater but also the root cause. Xodor contains over 100 million bacteria which detect the cause of the odor and neutralize it.

Xodor neutralises algae growth by converting it into carbon dioxide and water. The solution itself is entirely safe, USDA approved and water soluble meaning wastewater is safe to be released once treated.

For more information or to discuss your wastewater algae removal needs, visit our contact page.


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