15 April 2020

Repairing concrete the right way


Concrete is one of the most hard-wearing substances known to man and used regularly in a wide variety of tasks. From roads, to buildings, to bridges, concrete is used extensively in construction.

Concrete also undergoes a great deal of stress from everyday use. It is constantly under attack from the elements and has huge amounts of weight applied regularly depending on the scenario. This means that repairing concrete is a regular concern for those who have responsibility for managing concrete structures.


The many uses of concrete

Concrete is what is known as a composite material. It is generally made up of a mixture of a binder such as cement, sand and/or gravel), water and sometimes admixtures such as accelerators or water reducers in varying quantities.

When mixed and set, concrete acts like natural stone and is incredibly strong. Thanks to its durability, concrete is used in a number of tasks in the construction and engineering sector.

Common uses for concrete include:

  • Driveways
  • Pedestrian sidewalks
  • Streets
  • Parking
  • Building construction
  • Factories, warehouses and industrial buildings

Even when exposed to the elements, concrete should last for many years without issue. However, in situations where pressure and wear are generally applied - such as on roads or in an industrial setting - the concrete may begin to pot and crack, potentially creating hazards.


The importance of repairing concrete

We all know how frustrating a cracked road can be. It can lead to damage to our wheels and suspension due to impact and general wear and tear.

Now imagine how dangerous a pothole could be in a factory or warehouse where numerous forklifts and other pieces of heavy machinery might be moving around constantly. What’s more, the weight of these machines and the hard nature of the work mean damage to concrete is even more common than elsewhere.

Generic concrete repair solutions require the area of concern to be closed off whilst new concrete, or an alternative solution, is poured and set. This can be costly and time-consuming, slowing down output and preventing people from getting where they need to go.

A much more efficient but no less effective solution is available from NCH Asia Pacific in the form of our Mendcon concrete repair product. Previously known as Magnapatch, this concrete repair solution is much stronger than concrete but has the same bulk density, and sets far quicker than both concrete and competitor solutions.

Mendcon creates a permanent bond and lasts for years, the same as standard concrete. It is an incredibly effective solution to a very common, but potentially very serious problem. What’s more, Mendcon can also be used for anchoring machinery and preventing vibration.

If concrete damage is causing problems for you, why not speak to one of our product experts to see if Mendcon is the right solution? Simply use our contact form to get in touch.


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