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Torrent helps VEK Tools increase productivity


Sydney, Australia

NCH Australia has a great reputation with it’s customer for providing quality products and services across various industries. One such success story is that of the Torrent 500 water-based parts cleaner working it’s magic in V.E.K Tools.

V.E.K Tools owner Kiro Athanasiadis has grown the family-run business, which now boasts multiple stores across the country. V.E.K Tools is a leading tools specialist, providing customers with qaulity power tools, hand tools, air tools, gardening tools, accessories and air compressors. The business also provide service and repair out of their Artarmon store. This is where owner, Kiro, decided to install the Torrent 500 into the repair service centre, to assist the technicians in cleaning the power tools parts more efficiently.

The Torrent 500 has helped V.E.K tools reduce the amount of time in performing parts-cleaning by a third. This has increased the productivity in the workshop, and ensured the strict deadlines are met. “V.E.K Tools is known for it’s customer satisfaction and excellent service” says Reno Mythillos, Regional Manager for Torrent at NCH Asia. “With the Torrent in their workshop, they can clean parts quickly and safely”.

The Torrent is a water-based cleaning solution that does not use traditional solvent, but instead uses water-based solution. This fluid with heat and high pressure, rids greases and oils much quicker and safer than the traditional solvent parts cleaner, keeping technicians much safer during the process.

The solvent from traditional parts cleaners smell and chemicals are harmful to the skin and the air breathed in by the technicians. Being aware of the safety aspect was the main focus for developing the revolutionary Torrent parts cleaner. It’s economical operation and superior performance combined with the safety of it’s users, makes this parts cleaning solution the absolute best in its class.