Safety top priority in business with Handichem™


Sydney, Australia

What do hotels, hospitals, universities and commercial buildings all have in common?

They can all benefit by installing the brand new Handichem™ solids water treatment system. This high performance liquid treatment program eliminates labour, safety or handling concerns.

Cooling tower roof-tops are hard to reach and this system has already proven to be effective in hundreds of cooling towers. Reducing health and safety issues in institutional and commercial buildings is key with the Handichem™ solids water treatment system. Eliminate labour, safety and handling concerns with this unbelievable water treatment solution.

The key differentiator for this system is that chemicals are provided as solid concentrates rather than liquid in drums, yielding numerous benefits that are far ahead of competitors. Other benefits include:

  • reducing the exposure to harmful chemicals
  • eliminates splash and spills
  • lower levels of sodium hydroxide
  • eliminates drum disposal and reduces packaging requirements and landfill waste
  • improves chemical workstations and storage

In summary, the Handichem™ solids water treatment system ensures a safe, reliable and efficient operation of heating and cooling systems. Water treatment just got better with this new system offered by NCH.