Pipe unclogged at printing company

Brisbane, Australia

When a Queensland printing company found one of its drainpipes constantly clogging up with slime, NCH came to the rescue with its FreeFlow 25 biological drain and wastewater treatment system.

The print company makes use of chilled water, which is dosed in small amounts across the printing plates to aid in ink removal. Unfortunately, its chilled water drainpipe had be manually cleaned on a regular basis in order to keep it unclogged, which was a difficult and time-consuming task for this publisher of seven major newspapers and magazines. Seeking a solution, the company installed three FreeFlow 25 units on its print towers.

Utilising FreeFlow Liquid Concentrate, the latest bacterial liquid technology, FreeFlow 25 is an automated on-site delivery system for growing food-safe bacteria. Once dosed to a drain, the bacteria activate to form a biofilm inside the pipes. This creates a continuous working environment in the pipe that digests fats greases and other odour-causing materials. The product thus maintains free-flowing drains in an environmentally sensitive way without the use of harsh chemicals.

Since installation on the print company’s towers, the FreeFlow 25 units have assisted in breaking down the materials that previously clogged the drains. With no more clogged drains, there has been no more need for continuous cleaning and there has been a dramatic reduction in the odour in the collection pit. The company’s sump pump will now last longer due to the continual cleaning from the FreeFlow 25 and the clean water being pumped through.

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