26 April 2018

NCH Lubrication for the Food and Beverage Industry


NCH privides lubrication products to the food and beverage industry that are food graded and safe for use to ensure optimum hygiene and food safety.



With an increasingly growing population, food and beverage plants are under more pressure than ever to make sure their plant and equipment are operating at optimum levels. Maintenance is often seen as a routine expenditure that reduces profitability, but in reality, the cost of downtime due to malfunction can be far higher than the price of good maintenance.

The food industry in particular faces unique challenges that make equipment maintenance critical. Increased demand and narrow profit margins based on the quantity of production, new food products and tight regulations, along with the fact that two-thirds of food processing plants are more than 20 years old, mean that running an effective maintenance program is essential to a profitable operation.

Within the plant itself, there are many challenges. Extreme hot and cold temperatures, sometimes within the same site, contamination often of the very product being produced, and water and steam ingress either from wash down or processes can cause huge issues. This, combined with all lubrication maintenance products used needing to adhere to all the safety food standards; means very specialised and high-quality lubrication is a must.

Preventative maintenance is the smart choice and selecting the right lubrication products is the first step in developing a great program. NCH Lubrication has almost 100 years experience, and our extensive range of quality specialised food grade lubricants is ideally placed to offer simple solutions to some of the toughest challenges faced and provide reliable products to reduce breakdown and costs as part of an effective preventative maintenance program.


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