NCH launches Torrent 700, a high-performance water-based, parts-cleaning system for maintenance workshops

  • Torrent 700 is an environment-friendly, parts-washing system for cleaning mechanical parts
  • Fully integrated and enclosed, it reduces employee exposure to chemicals
  • Increased cleaning productivity with powerful cleaning results in minutes.
  • Torrent 500 obtained KEITI(Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute)’s ‘Environmental-Friendly Product’ certification

NCH Korea( today announced they are expanding their water-based parts-cleaning product range with the launch of ‘Torrent 700’, a high-performance water-based parts-cleaning system. The new Torrent 700 joins the Torrent 500 unit, which is one of the best water-based parts-cleaning workstations of the decade. The Torrent system provides a safer working environment, by reusing powerful water-based cleaning detergents developed from NCH specially for Torrent application. NCH also proudly  announced that NCH Korea secured a new accreditation of  KEITI(Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute)’s ‘Environmental-Friendly Product’ certification.

The Torrent 700 is a bigger model to accommodate demands for cleaning of heavier parts. While ‘Torrent 500’ is suitable for cleaning small to medium size parts, the new ‘Torrent 700’ was highly requested by industries that deal with larger parts that normally do not fit standard parts-washing stations. The ‘Torrent 700’ fits items that are up to 1020mm x 720mm x 500mm and holds up to 80kg. Cleaning pressure is also variable with maximum 45bar or 652psi.

The Torrent system is best known for eliminating one of the known dangers in the workplace—The inhalation and exposure to toxic and dangerous vapor from petrochemical solvents normally used in parts cleaning. NCH created a safe-to-use detergent called STORM.  a water-based detergent to be used with the Torrent. The combination of heat and pressure from the Torrent Systems and the safe cleaning efficiency in workplace added to increase in productivity.

Best of all, the ‘Torrent 700’ works 5 times faster than other automatic machines and cleans where automatic machines cannot. It contains powerful corrosion inhibitors allowing safe washing of all metals and materials. Depending on what’s being cleaned, the washing fluid may be reused for at least one month to maximum 6 months. It saves costs, as it reduces the need for secondary cleaning with aerosols. ‘Torrent 700’ is a fully integrated and enclosed unit, and it prevents skin absorption of harmful hydrocarbons or from aggressive cleaning solutions, eliminates fumes and fire hazard, and decreases exposure to harmful chemicals. ‘Torrent 700’ eliminates the use of organic solvents and their environmental impact, and drastically reduces generation of hazardous waste, and meets the ISO standard.

NCH proudly follows the relationship Ideology of their founders – all NCH programs enjoy professional After Sales Service. All Torrents are maintained and serviced, which includes the maintenance and repair of the machine, and cleaning fluid management. Consider using the Torrent 700 for numerous applications in your maintenance hub and enjoy productive cleaning in a safer workstation today!