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NCH Chem-Aqua Solid Technology Boosts Green Initiatives for Commercial Building

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NCH Chem-Aqua Solid Technology Boosts Green Initiatives for Commercial Building

Commercial buildings in the United States require a vast and varied range of natural resources to operate efficiently. According to

the GreenBuilt Alliance, buildings account for:

39% of total energy use

68% of total electricity consumption

30% of landfill waste

38% of carbon dioxide emissions

12% of total water consumption

Along with the environmental benefits of green building, there are economic advantages as well. These include reduced operating costs,

improved system life, enhanced occupant health and comfort, better indoor air quality, and a diminished strain on local utilities, making it

attractive for new builds and retrofits.


Why Water Treatment is Necessary

Commercial buildings generate a lot of waste, but there are strategic approaches to improving these processes, specifically

around water treatment relating to HVAC systems. Representing a 50% reduction in electricity consumption compared to air cooled, evaporative cooling systems are the standard for most commercial buildings.

However, as water evaporates in a water-cooled system, the dissolved solids, originally present in water, remain behind. If not controlled,

their concentration will rise rapidly, leading to corrosion, scale, or biological fouling, affecting system efficiency and air quality. To counter this,



you need an effective water treatment program in place to:

Mitigate corrosion, deposit, and microbial growth damage to waterside surfaces

Extend equipment life

Keep heat exchange surfaces clean and energy-efficient

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with global warming

Minimize energy and resource use

Maximize how efficiently water is used

Decrease operating costs


Liquid Versus Solid 

Traditional liquid chemistries have been used to treat cooling towers for decades. While effectual, liquid chemicals present many issues

for users, including:

Handling – potential exposure to harmful chemicals

Ergonomic – drums that are heavy and awkward to move

Feed – malfunctioning metering pumps

Storage – large footprint and the necessity of ensuring proper spill containment

Disposal – eco-conscious removal of large shipping drums from the facility



Developed to address these concerns, modern solid technology offers buildings an easier, safer, and greener method of water treatment. This approach minimizes both water and energy usage while reducing environmental and end-user pain points.


Simple, Effective, Environmentally Responsible Water Treatment Technology

HandiChem® Solid Water Treatment Systems are an innovative, next-generation water treatment solution for cooling towers, closed systems, and steam boilers. They deliver proven results of highperformance liquid treatment programs, minus the handling and environmental issues. With the HandiChem System, chemicals come as solid concentrates in bloc or one-gallon recyclable plastic bottles rather than liquid in drums, providing easier delivery and a cleaner, more compact installation.

Chem-Aqua HandiFeed® Dissolving Feeders

The HandiFeed Ultra series feeders produce feed solution on demand with the ability to spray at a constant pressure into a single reservoir. It’s then pumped into the system being treated. When the level in the product reservoir is low, the makeup valve automatically opens, allowing water to spray the solid concentrate and mix new chemicals. It then automatically closes when the product reservoir is full.

The HandiFeed Ultra-S Dissolving Feeder holds either the one-gallon recyclable containers or discs of solid chemical concentrates. The HandiFeed Ultra-B Dissolving Feeder holds up to four solid concentrates in block form. Operate as a fine spray nozzle for a lower dissolution rate or a course spray nozzle for a higher and more consistent dissolution rate.

Additional benefits for this system include:

Eliminates drum handling, storage and disposal (11 lb. bottle or bloc vs. 300 lb. drum)

Simplifies chemical loading with block and bottled solids

Reduces splash and spill and workplace injury concerns

Curtails risk associated with liquids

Works great in hard to reach areas

Minimizes packaging requirements and disposal concerns

Ship it quickly and affordably

Helps to comply with green initiatives and certification programs

Revolutionize the way cooling towers, closed systems, and steam boilers are managed with the HandiChem Solid Water Treatment System, available from the wastewater experts at NCH Chem-Aqua. Learn more about this proven solution by contacting us today.

[Written by Chem-Aqua]