6 April 2018

Reducing grease build-up and odors with BioAmp biological drain and waste water system


NCH Asia was recently called to assist in the maintenance of a biological drain and waste water system at a shopping mall in Singapore.



The shopping mall includes local and international department stores, boutiques, offices, spas, beauty salons, hotels, entertainment spots, restaurants and cafes. The stores are fully stocked with everything under the sun, from clothing, electronics, fashion and house ware. It is a tourist destination for people all across Asia.

The challenge

Kitchen waste water discharged from various restaurants in the shopping complex contained a large amount of organic residue that decomposed and led to high rates of FOG, and also hydrogen sulphide, which contributed to a strong odor at the grease trap area. The high FOG content put stress on the system and also made the compliance to PUB effluent discharge standard a challenge.

The solution

The NCH team in Singapore analyzed the situation and proposed a BioAmp treatment for grease trap to resolve the problem.

The outcome

By supplementing the BioAmp unit for 3 months, the grease built-up in the pipeline reduced significantly and there was visually no hardened grease floating in the grease trap. Sharp reduction in odor and effluent comply with PUB regulatory limit are achieved.

The value

The grease build-up in the pipeline has been reduced significantly and there is visually no hardened grease floating in the grease trap.

Before BioAmp

Before BioAmp

After BioAmp

After BioAmp

Biological drain maintenance system

The automated biological delivery system that generates trillions more bacteria than traditional drain products. BioAmp is fully automated, programmable, self-contained, a worry-free operation, free of enzymes or surfactants which liquefy grease, and integrates with all existing wastewater.

Features and benefits of BioAmp:

  • Reduce effluent FOG, BOD, and TSS low surcharges
  • No capital investment required
  • Guarantees trouble-free maintenance costs
  • Reduces operation and maintenance costs
  • Helps reduce odors
  • Allows for customized treatment on-site
Process wastewater
Lift stations
Drain lines
Oil/water separators
Chemical manufacturing
Food processing

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