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11 June 2018

Industrial drain cleaning guide

NCH Asia specialises in supplying industrial drain cleaning products and programs.

We understand that every requirement is different. We supply a range of solutions to help tackle the toughest blockages, regardless of the application. We also know that it can be challenging to decide what the best answer is for your drain problems, so we have compiled a handy guide to help you choose the right solution for the job.


Drain cleaning products:

When a quick fix is necessary and you are faced with blocked or backed up drains, one of the products below will get your drains flowing seamlessly in a short amount of time. As a result, we would recommend keeping a stock at your facility for emergency situations.



ND-66 is an advanced drain and sewer treatment, ideal for unblocking drains clogged with large accumulations of grease, fats and oils. This solution is used in a large range of industries such as hotels, restaurants, clubs, educational facilities, offices, food processing plants and many more.

Learn more about ND-66 here



CITRATECH DM is ideal for cleaning and maintaining grease traps, waste disposal units, sinks, sewer access, lift stations and drain lines. It works to eliminate clogging, back-ups and helps to eliminate foul odors without using acids or harsh chemicals. This solution is used in a large range of commercial industries.

Learn more about CITRATECH DM here



DM Drain Pro is an advanced treatment for drains within commercial industries. It is used to gradually reduce the build-up of fats, oils, grease and organic matter from drains so that drains flow smoothly at all times. This solution is ideal for businesses where down-time is not an option, its gradual application ensure that usual service is not disrupted.

Learn more about DN Drain Pro here


Drain maintenance programs:


FreeFlow 25 is a biological drain and waste water treatment system. Food safe bacteria is added to drain systems through an automated system. The bacteria multiply to form a biofilm that digests fats, greases, oils and organic matter that causes foul odors and back-ups in your drainage system.

Learn more about FreeFlow 25 here



FreeFlow 100 delivers the latest bacterial liquid and nutrient technology to drain lines, grease traps, retention tanks and lift stations to eliminate blockages and foul odors in a range of industrial and commercial industries. The FreeFlow 100 system does not use hard chemicals or acids, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

Learn more about FreeFlow 100 here



BioAmp 750CCU is an environmentally-friendly microbiological fermentation unit that dispenses FreeFlow into drains to eliminate fat and grease build-ups and control odors. This unit is particularly used in heavy industrial applications to treat drains, grease traps, lift stations and wastewater applications.

Learn more about BioAmp 750CCU here



The BioAmp 5000CCU is designed for industrial applications and is used to reduce the build-up of FOG and eliminate odors in drains and wastewater systems. Using a unique balance of microbiology and advanced engineering, BioAmp 5000CCU transforms highly polluted water to a level that is acceptable to environmental agencies. 

Learn more about BioAmp 5000CCU here


BIOAMP – 300 

This system is ideal for use in institutions as it has National Santitation Foundation (NSF) approval for use in food processing areas. Its use of food-safe bacteria works to treat grease traps, lift stations and wastewater applications quickly and effectively, even in the most demanding environments.

Learn more about BioAmp 300 here



Odor control is one of the most challenging issues in industrial applications such as food wastewater and wastewater treatment facilities. NCH Asia’s Xodor is designed to eliminate foul odors, getting right to the root cause of the issue - not just masking the odor. It is safe to use in virtually any environment including food processing plants.

Learn more about X Odor here


Still confused about what industrial drain cleaning unit is right for you? Get in touch with NCH Asia’s specialists who are on hand to give you expert advice.



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