19 July 2017

How to use drain cleaner

Chemical drain cleaners are caustic and as a result, can have a negative impact on your health and the environment. The harsh chemicals can also cause damage to water pipes and plumbing fixtures. Before making the decision to use a chemical cleaner it is best to consider alternative drain unclogging methods first.

 Using drain cleaner

  1. Read the instructions on the package carefully before use - following the manufacturers’ directions will avoid any unnecessary risk.
  2. Use rubber gloves, eye protection and protective clothing - drain cleaners can cause serious damage if they come in to contact with skin and eyes - take every possible precaution!
  3. Work in a well-ventilated area - chemical drain cleaners emit toxic fumes which can cause respiratory problems and other serious medical issues when inhaled.
  4. Pour the product directly down the blocked plug hole - try to avoid splashes or spillages as drain cleaner can cause damage to the environment it makes contact with.
  5. Leave the cleaner to work - as a standard rule, you will need to leave the cleaner to work for at least 15-20 minutes or longer for stubborn blockages.
  6. Rinse with hot water - rinse out the cleaner by pouring hot water down the plug hole, or by running the hot tap for several minutes to wash away the cleaner and to move the now-softened blockage.
  7. Repeat the process if necessary - if it still does not work, it is time to consider calling a plumber or drain specialist.
  8. Dispose of the package - the packaging will be considered as hazardous waste due to the nature of the contents that were inside. Never throw drain cleaner packaging away with general waste or recycling.

All chemical drain cleaners will have their own unique terms of use, so read the instructions carefully before opening the solution. The steps above are a general guideline and do not replace the manufacturer’s directions.

Ensuring that the correct drain cleaner is chosen is vital to providing a sanitized, efficient working environment. Without considering your drain treatment solutions carefully, it can become costly as systems may endure irreversible damage. To make the right choice for your industrial drain maintenance, read more information about NCH Asia’s drain cleaning solutions.




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