25 February 2019

How do you fix a burst water pipe quickly?

Pipework systems are a huge part of any establishment and a burst water pipe can cause major problems for businesses.

Having to replace water pipes can be costly in both parts and unnecessary downtime while the pipes are repaired and the surrounding areas are cleaned. When a water pipe bursts, a fast and cost-effective solution is required.  

What causes burst water pipes?

Many factors can cause damage to a water pipe, the most common of these are frozen pipes, moving pipes, water pressure and corrosion.

  • Frozen pipes: If the water in a pipe becomes too cold and turns to ice, it will put pressure on the pipe from the inside, causing the pipe to burst.
  • Moving pipes: If a pipe isn’t secured properly it can move when the system is suddenly turned on or off. This movement will then weaken the joints and cause them to fail.
  • Water pressure: Having high pressure in the flow of the water will also potentially cause damage to an industrial pipe.
  • Corrosion: Years of corrosion build up can be another reason a pipe will fail. Corrosion is often caused by a pH imbalance in the water which over time will have a negative impact on water pipes.

Can you seal a burst water pipe?

NCH Partsmaster offers a variety of solutions to fix burst water pipes. For smaller pipe projects, Dyna stretch and seal tape that self amalgamates when stretched and offers mechanical strength immediately after application. See the video below for further information:

For larger jobs, NCH Partsmaster offers a heavy duty pipe repair bandage, which can repair pipes up to 300mm in diameter. It can resist service temperatures of up to 250ºC and cures in as little as 45 minutes. See below for a video on the application of this mega bandage. 

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