17 June 2019

Get rid of grease trap smells in commercial kitchens

A grease trap is a piece of equipment regularly used in commercial kitchens and other places that prepare food. The job of a grease trap is to prevent high levels of FOG (fats, oils, and greases) entering the sewer system from wastewater.

These systems have been put in place to reduce the impact that food processing facilities are having on the environment. A commercial kitchen can also cause blockages in drain lines from the amount of waste produced by cooking equipment if they do not have a grease trap installed.

Why does a grease trap smell?

There are many ways a grease trap could be causing foul odors. Two of the common problems are caused by:

  • Food particles: in the process of separating fats, oils, and grease from the wastewater, grease traps can also trap some organic solids and food particles. Over time, these particles will settle at the bottom of the tank and start to break down and produce sulphuric gases. These sulphuric gases then emit foul odors into the surrounding area.
  • Faulty P trap: It is the job of the ‘P trap’ to ensure that grease odors are contained within the grease trap. If this component is broken or faulty there is likely to be a stronger odor than usual in drain areas.

Removing the odor from grease

Regular maintenance is the most effective way to minimize grease odors. NCH Facilities are specialists in drain treatment and odor removal. It is important that facilities such as restaurants, hotels or hospitals apply products that are safe to be used around food processing. Two popular odor removal products from NCH include:

  • ND-165 - this powerful cleaning agent is food grade and water-soluble. It is ideal for use in commercial kitchens because it doesn’t release strong fumes and it is non-flammable. Using ND-165 will remove build ups of grease, fats and other food waste, minimizing the risk of unpleasant aromas.
  • Xodor - for odors that are already present, this odor removal program uses a food-safe bio-chemical deodorizer approved by the USDA. This treatment will get rid of the source of the odor instead of mask the smell like other common deodorizers.

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