6 July 2017

Diesel fuel additives – do they work?

Engines requiring more power and a heavier torque will usually run on diesel (rather than gasoline)

The effects of lower quality diesel (caused by a high sulphur content) can cause a variety of engine related issues, such as:

  • High acid content
  • Formation of deposits leading to poor performance
  • A high rate of oxidation
  • Starting problems
  • Incomplete combustion

All of the points above can lead to poor engine performance, lower fuel economy and can result in a reduced engine life expectancy (by up to 20%).

How do diesel fuel additives help?

Diesel fuel additives work to counteract the effects of high sulphur content in diesel. This leads to the following benefits:

  • Reduced acid formation – high acid content attacks internal engine parts such as pistons and bearings and can cause costly breakdowns and downtime.
  • Inhibited oil oxidation and deposit accumulation – diesel that is stored for long periods of time suffers from oil oxidation. Deposits can form which leads to a reduction in the efficiency of the fuel.
  • A reduction in abrasive wear – engine wear is worsened by the abrasive qualities in poor quality diesel. Reducing abrasion damage lengthens the life of the engine.
  • A reduction in corrosive wear – similarly, corrosion caused by the build-up of acid damages internal parts and reduces the life expectancy of the engine.
  • Increased energy efficiency – horsepower output is increased leading to lower energy consumption and higher productivity.
  • Fewer starting problems – additives work towards thinning fuel. This is beneficial because thicker fuel, particularly in colder conditions, can lead to problems in starting the engine.
  • Cleaner fuel systems – cleaner filters and fuel lines lead to improvements in fuel flow. 

Why you should consider using diesel fuel improvers or enhancers?

Additives such as combustion improvers, dispersants, oxidation inhibitors and demulsifiers offer enhanced protection against poor quality fuel.

The addition of diesel fuel additives can not only improve the efficiency and life span of an engine – they also have a positive impact on the overall performance of equipment.

Evidence also suggests that fuel additives have a positive bearing on the environment. This enables us to conclude that they should be carefully considered.

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