6 April 2018

Application guide for hotel building maintenance applications


NCH is the world leader in maintenance products and services, offering a wide variety of solutions ideal for hotel applications.



 To cover a wide range of solutions for hotel applications, we cover three main problems areas:

  1. Drain and wastewater treatment

  2. Slow drains and backups

    Slow drains & backups

    Our products are designed to keep drains maintained at the optimum level by keeping fats, oils, grease, food particles and grease traps under control.

    Drin maintenance expenses

    High drain maintenance expenses

    Regularly having to maintain your drains and grease traps can be very costly. Our drain and wastewater products are highly effective, which is proven to reduce expenses and downtime.


  3. General building maintenance

    Specialty building maintenance

    Specialty building maintenance

    Building Maintenance can be very costly if the right products or procedures are not in place. Long periods of downtime and high costs can mount up very quickly. That is why we have created a complete range of products to suit almost every need. Our maintenance products extend across a wide range, we have products for everything from stainless steel polish, carbon stain removal, dust repellents to even streak free dish-washing liquid.

  4. Overall odor control

  5. Drain maintenance

    Drain maintenance

    Blockages and backups can cause pipes and drains to omit foul odors. Our drain maintenance products are specially designed to fight these problems before they occur, to ensure odorless and free flowing drains.

    Trash buildup

    Trash build-up

    Our odor control products can help mask and remove bad odors from areas where there is large trash build up or just very bad smells.

Hotel maintenance application guide

Problem AreaProblemProduct
Dirty/stained urinals Uric acid salt build-up Banish
Blocked drains Grease, fat, soap and hair build-up ND-66
Blocked plastic drains Grease, fat, soap and hair build-up Rescue Drain
Drains and sewer lines Drain/sewer organic back-up DN Drain Pro/ND 66
Concrete tiles Cracked concrete, tile replacement Mend-Con
Lifts and other stainless steel Dirty stainless steel Glo-SS
Grease traps and waste water High costs for grease trap pumping BioAmp/Drain Cobra
Drain odors Bad odors in drains caused by food BioAmp/Drain Cobra
Bins Odors from rubbish and waste disposal Deoscent/Dynamint/Zest
Parking loading, service bays Dirt, grease and oil stains ND-150
Floors and walls Dirt, grease and oil stains ND-150
Grills Baked on grease and carbon Soot-Away
Air-con fins Embedded grime and oxidation Shiny Side
Metal Dirt and stain build-up Sparkle
Graffiti Graffiti on walls and metals Wipeout EC
Glass, mirrors, surfaces Dust, dirt, grime and fingerprints AR-19
Dishes Heavy grease and grime on dishes Hi-Brite
Odors Odor from cooking, pets and smoke Cast Out
Sinks Lime scale stained sinks Banish
Drains Drain flow and pump outs Super Chemzyme IV((Free Flow Liquid Plus))
Weeds Annual, aquatic and perennial weeds Nihil

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