Did You Know? Issue 04 - September 2019

Did you know that Grease can Aid Optimum Performance on your Equipment?

Proper Maintenance is one way of prolonging the life of machinery

dyk 04 01Proper maintenance is one way of prolonging the life of machinery. When done right, your equipment will have better uptime and turn a profit of more than what was invested.

For machines with a lot of moving parts, lubrication is a top maintenance priority. Machine parts have the tendency to rub against each other, making it susceptible to wear and tear. This causes it to slow down or heat up, reducing productivity and even an inoperable equipment. Friction can be easily countered with a lubricant.

While picking out grease for your machine should be a straightforward affair, there are underlying risks to it you should be aware of. One often overlooked is grease intermixing.

dyk 04 02Intermixing typically occurs when switching lubricants. When grease on a machine dries out, the logic that follows is that there is none remaining. A technician will now feed the machine a new highly-recommended lubricant, thinking it would improve equipment performance. Residual grease will then mix with the new. This is where things can go haywire.

Greases should never be mixed for reasons that they are made with different, sometimes clashing components and are to perform to certain specifications. Generally, two different greases are incompatible.[1] As a reaction when combined with another, the base oil can separate from the grease and ooze out of the machine or the grease can harden, which can result to potential motor failure.[2][3] Any of these happening to your equipment can spell trouble for your business.

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In the case that an upgrade is necessary even when a substantial amount of grease is still present in the machine or bearing, use what’s left of the product then flush out residue when ready for a grease changeover. You can also consult your supplier for a compatible product, and if possible ask for a test run. Doing so will save you the worries that come with intermixing.[4]

On top of grease incompatibility awareness, it is imperative to have a reliable supplier that will guarantee you of quality lubricant solutions to keep your engines and equipment running in optimal performance.

"NCH lubricants are key to equipment optimum performance"

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