Case Study: Saving Money with Automatic Controller for Boiler

Problem: How to Save Money While Improving Performance

A feed mill in the Midwest relied on high-quality steam for production. The supply of steam from the boiler needed to be reliable and consistent.

The mill wanted to reduce cost and improve the performance of their systems. They used one 200-HP boiler to produce 100 psig live steam. Fuelled by natural gas, the boiler ran for between 12-16 hours per day, up to 6 days per week.

The mill arranged an audit with Chem-Aqua. They wanted help in identifying where improvements and cost-savings could be made. 


Solution: Automate the Process with an Automatic Blowdown Control System

Chem-Aqua recommended installation of a SteamPakTM automatic proportional blowdown control system.

It was predicted that this solution would reduce fuel costs by over $18,000 each year.


What was the actual outcome from changing to Automatic Blowdown Control?

After installation, a review meeting was held. Actual savings to the business were over $30,000 each year. Fuel costs have continued to rise meaning their savings have multiplied even more.

The mill saved 52,000 gallons of water. They experience less issues with boilers foaming or failing.

By implementing the feed and control system upgrade, the mill was able to save money. They used less fuel, less water and reduced their maintenance costs. They were also able to enhance their production efficiency.


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