Case Study: HandiChem Solid Water Treatment System

Various Case Studies about Treating Cooling Towers


Treating Cooling Towers with HandiChem – Printing Factory, Canada


A printing facility in Ontario, Canada had 2 cooling towers of 1,200 tonnes. The towers were being treated with liquid water treatment products. However, this was not suitable for the printing facility:


  • The liquid chemical drums were left empty,
  • The area where the drums were stored was messy
  • Scale deposits had formed in the cooling towers.


The printing facility got in touch with Chem-Aqua services for a cleaning survey. The cleaning work was carried out over a holiday weekend so the printing facility did not have to close.


It was then suggested that the printing facility install a HandiChem Solid Water Treatment program. The customer was happy with the change because:


  • Reduced splash and spill worries
  • No need for drum handling, storage or disposal
  • Much cleaner and neater storage area
  • Effective water treatment


 Treating Cooling Towers with HandiChem – Property Management Facility, Canada


The facility were using liquid treatment for their four cooling towers. However, they faced the following problems: 

  • Limited space in the control room for storage
  • Difficult to move the drums to point of use
  • Required hand feeding several times a week

By replacing their system with HandiChem Solid System with advanced feed and control system, they were able to:

  • Have a tidier, more compact system
  • Eliminated the need for hand feeding
  • Save over $23,000 over 3 years from water and chemical savings
  • Solve space and feed issues in a hard-to-reach location

Treating Cooling Towers with HandiChem – Poultry Processing Plant, USA 


The processing plant faced issues from poor water treatment practices causing issues in their 3500 tonne ammonia refrigeration system. The evaporated condensers were on the roof meaning access was an issue. 

Staff were concerned about the safety and handling of liquid chemicals to the roof. By implementing the HandiChem System, the hard-to-reach challenge was overcome. The life of the system has been extended and the HandiChem system is easy to use. 


Treating Cooling Towers with HandiChem - Pharmaceutical Facility, USA


The facility used liquid chemicals for their four cooling towers. Like the other case studies, access was a challenge and hand-feeding was required. 

By installing HandiChem, they were able to:

  • Reduce splash and spill concerns,
  •  Eliminate the need for drum handling, storage and disposal
  • Provide an automated feed to inhibit corrosion and enable proper water treatment.


Treating Cooling Towers with HandiChem, Casino Resort, Canada


The cooling towers for the casino resort are on the 5th floor of the building, meaning drums needed to be taken up and then transferred to storage tanks. 

A bypass loop was used to pump the liquids however the line frequently clogged which was a safety issue for staff. 

The system was replaced with HandiChem Solid System. The compact system meant the feed could be located in front of the tower lines meaning the bypass loop was shorter. Overall water treatment results improved as a result.


Treating Cooling Towers with HandiChem – Soft Drink Plant, USA



The plant was looking to implement corporate sustainability initiatives to reduce their environmental impact. As a result, the HandiChem Solid System was introduced. This reduced fuel and greenhouse gas emissions associated with the transportation and delivery of the liquid drums. 


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