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Guidelines for Selecting and Maintaining Glycol Based Heat Transfer Fluids

Glycol-water mixtures are commonly used to provide freeze protection in HVAC closed loop heating and cooling systems. Glycol is also regularly used to allow low temperature operation in thermal energy storage systems, where ice is made at night and used the following day to cool the building. A properly designed, commissioned, and maintained glycol system can provide 20 or more years of reliable service.

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Practical Water Treatment for Evaporative Condensers

Like most businesses, food processing plants and cold storage facilities are under continuous pressure to reduce costs and operate in a more environmentally responsible manner. As a major consumer of energy and water, the refrigeration systems can offer significant opportunities to meet these challenges. In facilities that use evaporative condensers as part of the refrigeration system, the water treatment program is often overlooked in the cost saving equation. Effective water treatment is necessary for reliable and efficient operation of refrigeration systems and to reduce the risks associated with waterborne pathogens.

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Solid Water Treatment Technology

Green building is the practice of increasing how efficiently buildings use energy, water, and other resources, and reducing their impact on human health and the environment. Also referred to as sustainable building or sustainable design, green building is achieved through better design, construction, operation, and maintenance practices. Property and facility managers who understand the benefits of green building are looking for new ideas and technologies to meet these important objectives.

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