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27 May 2020

Avoid/prevent the spread of COVID-19 with HVAC cleaning


With so many concerns relating to coronavirus, it can be difficult to know which potential issues to take seriously and how they relate to you and your business. One such question is ‘can air conditioning spread coronavirus’? And the answer is, potentially, yes. But the good news is that there are solutions to prevent it.


Coronavirus and HVAC

It has long been recognized that poorly-maintained air conditioning systems could facilitate the spread of air and waterborne diseases, such as SARS, Legionnaires’ disease and the common cold. And now, the focus is being put on the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

A recent study was carried out following an outbreak in a restaurant in Guangzhou, China. Between 26 January and 10 February 2020, 10 people from three different families were infected with COVID-19 after eating in the same air-conditioned restaurant. While some of those may have been subsequently infected by their family members, the study concluded that the outbreak was prompted by air-conditioners.

However, while HVAC, AHU and FC units have the potential to spread disease, conversely, they have the ability to control and reduce cross-infection rates by diluting or completely removing infectious particles from the air.


HVAC cleaning to prevent the spread of disease

Maintaining your HVAC system is an important factor in facility maintenance at any time, whatever industry you’re in. But with the increased emphasis on companies to ensure the safety of their employees and customers during the coronavirus pandemic, it is vital that you follow best practice when it comes to HVAC/ACU/FCU operation.

Here are some important things to you should be doing:

  • Bringing in more outdoor air through your HVAC system to dilute airborne contaminants.
  • Cleaning and removing grime, dirt and slime from coils, filters and pans to increase ventilation and filtration rate.
  • Implementing regular and consistent clean-disinfect-sanitize solutions, for everything from hands to HVAC, to prevent the spread of disease.

NCH Asia Pacific can help you improve air quality, reduce costs and increase efficiency to ensure your HVAC system remains safe and effective, both through our NCH Facilities solutions or by using our dedicated HVAC products, such as air conditioning drip pan microbiocide and industrial coil cleaner. If you would like any more information about the services and solutions we offer, please get in touch or visit our website.