FreeFlow 25

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FreeFlow 25 is a biological drain and waste water treatment system that is the perfect union of microbiology and engineering.

About FreeFlow 25

  • No connection to water or power supply needed
  • Innovative fully automated on site delivery system for growing food safe bacteria.
  • Works with FreeFlow Liquid Concentrate, the latest bacterial liquid technology
  • No large dispensing equipment or chemicals drums in the food preparation areas
  • Reduces downtime associated with blocked drains
  • Worry-free operation, 24/7 – maintained and serviced by NCH personnel
  • Compact size makes installation easy
  • Battery powered with display window showing the status of the unit
  • No connection to water or power supply needed


  • Hotel
  • Hospital
  • University
  • Restaurant
  • Residential care
  • Shopping Mall
  • Toilet urinal systems
  • Office buildings
  • Drain Lines

Application Areas

  • Refrigerator drain lines
  • Toilet Cicterns
  • Lift Stations
  • Slops drains
  • Ice Cream Machines

Once dosed to the drain the bacteria activates to form a biofilm inside the pipes that creates a continuous working environment in the pipe that digests fats greases and other odor causing materials. This maintains free flowing drains in an environmentally sensitive way without the use of harsh chemicals.



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