BioAmp Systems

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Cut costs by bringing wastewater treatment facilities in-house with our range of BioAmp systems.

Biological treatments have been used for years, in a variety of industrial applications. The challenge has been to deliver a consistent, high-volume amount of bacteria that is effective and cost efficient. Our BioAmp is the solution to this challenge.

Our computer controlled microbial fermentation units are installed on site and deliver a large amount of active naturally occurring bacteria directly into drains, grease traps, lift stations or WWTPs (wastewater treatment plants).

NCH Wastewater’s unique and patented BioAmp Systems are the perfect combination of advanced engineering and microbiology. They eliminate the need for time or attention - all of our BioAmp Systems are installed, monitored and serviced by an NCH Wastewater Representative.


We offer three patented BioAmp solutions that speed and amplify the natural breakdown of organic waste, including soluble BOD, TSS, ammonia and FOG. These solutions transform highly polluted wastewater to a level that is acceptable to environmental agencies and water utility operators.



BioAmp 300

Original stainless steel system that delivers more than 5 times 200 liter drums of bacterial product.

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BioAmp 750 CCU

Climate controlled indoor and outdoor delivery system. This unit is used for industrial use to treat drains, wastewater and lift stations in conditions below 15°C or above 30°C.

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BioAmp 5000 CCU

Climate controlled indoor and outdoor delivery system. This unit is a scaled up version of our proven technologies. It is perfect for larger, difficult, applications and WWTP’s.

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