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MRP is $370 per month.* All inclusive: chemistry and maintenance.

*Check with a local representative for a customized price quote.

Industrial Lubricants

Eliminate downtime, boost performance and keep parts moving with lubricant solutions from NCH Lubricants.

NCH Lubricants is trusted worldwide to supply industrial lubricants, oils and greases for use in heavy-duty environments, in a huge range of industries. We also offer products that offer a wear-resistant coating to help prolong the life of equipment.

Products in the NCH Lubricants range are suitable for:

  • Heavy equipment – our range of lubricants, greases and oils are ideal for use on heavy equipment in many industrial sectors including excavation and demolition, mining, pier and bridge construction and more.

  • Manufacturing – chemical processing plants, utility plants, industrial manufacturing facilities, smelters and foundries are just some of the manufacturing plants that we supply lubricants to across Asia.

  • Food processing – we supply food-grade lubricants that are authorised for use in food processing plants. Industries served include meat and poultry, food packaging and canning, and confectionery manufacturers.

  • Transportation – we supply lubricants, oils and greases designed for heavy-duty vehicles such as tractors, lorries, utility vehicles, road vehicles, cranes and forklift trucks.

NCH is committed to offering the highest quality lubricants on the market. Our specialty lubricants go through extensive research and development in a laboratory environment to ensure optimum performance. They are then thoroughly tested in the field and assessed against rigid quality control standards.

We don’t just stop at supplying the products you need. NCH have committed industry experts in lubrication on-hand to provide you with the latest innovative solutions. Our goal is to eliminate downtime and save you money on labor costs and parts replacement.


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Industrial lubricants

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