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The Torrent 500 will:


Save You Time

The tedious task of cleaning parts has become easier and more cost effective with the Torrent 500. You will be able to clean 90% of the parts within 1 minute. The Torrent will outperform any solvent-based parts washer in speed, which saves time.


Save You Money

Our Torrent Calculator can accurately determine cost savings with the Torrent 500. It is guaranteed to have savings in the affordable rental scheme, the Torrent technology and the reduction in the amount of waste produced.


Safer Parts Cleaning

The safety of your staff is key. Traditional parts washers are time consuming, messy and use harmful solvents. The Torrent 500 keeps technicians happy with no mess, no fuss and no hazardous contact with solvents.

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9 reasons for considering the torrent 500 parts cleaner

1Environmentally friendly combination of heat, pressure and chemistry

25 times faster than automatic parts cleaning

3Stress-free service, we arrange everything for you!

4Cleans 90% of parts within 1 minute

58 times faster than solvent-based manual washer

6Reduces the amount of hazardous waste eightfold

7Cleans even the hard to reach bits

810 times faster than water-based manual washer

9Safe and harmless to use, solvent free environment

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