clear guard

Rubberized Coating

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  • Tough, protectivecoating that can be easily removed
  • Clear coating with no sag, drip or peel
  • High dielectric strength providing excellent abrasion resistance

electrical coating

lexite nf

Aerosol cleaner and degreaser for electronic and electrical equipment.

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  • Non flammable that cleans without fire or shorting and leaves no residue.
  • Fast drying and specially formulated for cleaning equipment without danger of fire or explosion.
  • Cools hot circuit boxes without damage to components.

non-flammable cleaner, electrical degreaser

nc-123 extra

Anti-Corrosion Compound for Electrical Equipment

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  • Displaces water with a continuous film
  • Seals against future moisture or water
  • Protects against rust and corrosion cleaning electrical parts

electrical cleaner


Electrical solder in a brushable paste form

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  • For electrical and electronic applications on copper and steel
  • Low melting point, safe to use and contains no zinc chlorides
  • Can be used to solder a wide range of materials

soldering, solder bond, electrical solder

ss-25 nc
SS-25 NC

Non-chlorinated Safety Solvent

More Information

  • Cleans and degreases electric motors and metalic surfaces
  • Powerful degreasing action
  • Penetrates and dissolves grease, dirt and grime

solvent degreaser, industrial degreaser


Dielectric Solvent Degreaser

More Information

  • Cleaner for metal surfaces and electric motors
  • Non-corrosive, non-conductive, non-residual, non-flammable
  • Fast evaporating, cleans fast and leaves no residual

solvent degreaser, industrial degreaser

thermapod kit

Thermal Wire Protection

More Information

  • Shrinkable wire shields provide moisture and abrasion resistance
  • Recommended for wide range of wire and cable repairs with voltage of up to 2500V
  • Used for automotive, power tools and wiring harness repairs

wire repair, thermal repair

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