With an extensive range of premium maintenance solutions including; industrial degreasers, rust removal, odor control, water-based parts cleaning and acid descalers, NCH Maintenance keeps businesses running efficiently whilst protecting your investments.


NCH absorbents are crucial to creating a safe working environment – they provide non-slip, protective solutions to commercial and industrial sectors. From emergency spill kits to anti-slip granules, NCH Asia can help your business follow health and safety procedures in one easy, integrated solution.

Our hardworking range of industrial degreasers reduce contamination and penetrate even the most stubborn grease and grime. With a range including pH neutral degreasers, low foaming degreasers and a silicate free degreaser.

NCH provides industrial coatings that repel water while restoring and protecting that are heard wearing and easy to maintain.


Rust prevention is key to the proper maintenance of metal products. The regular maintenance of daily working equipment is essential – NCH’s rust converting, removal and coating solutions can dramatically increase the lifespan of your metal equipment and work towards maximizing profits.


The Degreaser Program is designed to help busy maintenance and facility managers by providing equipment and cleaning product for immediate application. We provide dilution machines and application equipment with our degreasing products. We also provide related knowledge and manpower to support customers in completing special cleaning and re-conditioning projects.


As Experts in industrial drain management, we provide unbeatable biological drain maintainer products that use bacteria to digest organic waste rather than just breaking it up, which can cause blockages further down the wastewater system. These solutions not only temporarily unblock drains, they keep fats, oil and grease away.



NCH provides various electrical contact cleaners that can be used for all preventive and cleaning maintenance of electrical contacts. We protect and enhance the conductive surfaces of connectors, switches and other electrical and electronic components with moving surface contacts.


NCH assists in ensuring our customers facilities run efficiently and at the best condition. Products and solutions that offer turf and soil penetrants, dust supressants and insecticides that remove unwanted pests.

NCH Asia Pacific are committed to helping you reduce costs, increase efficiency and ensure your HVAC system stays in optimum condition. Our many years of experience in this field means we are able to offer the most effective solutions on the market.

NCH provides a variety of hygiene products for all-areas of application for cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing. We have certified chemical disinfectants for pathogens, anti-bacterial cleaners and sanitizers for personnel and environmental application.


Odours can emerge from numerous sources in your facility and can quickly have a negative impact on business. However, NCH are committed to delivering top-quality and long-lasting solutions whether you are looking for indoor, outdoor or wastewater odour reduction.


NCH provides a complete parts cleaning system with the TORRENT program. The Torrent is a fully integrated environmentally friendly parts cleaner and enclosed unit that protects employees from direct contact with cleaning solutions. NCH also has products for spot cleaning, cleaning-in-place. 


From the toughest cutting tools, to premium abrasive technologies, the latest adhesive formulations and pipe repair innovations, you can be sure that NCH Partsmaster solutions will not let you down.


NCH has reliable emergency repair products that seals, sets in place, de-moisturizes, connects pieces in any situation or environment.

NCH’s high quality wastewater products are especially formulated to reduce drain maintenance and help businesses achieve their environmental goals. Cut through fats, oil and grease (FOG) as well as other organic materials such as hair to protect your network of drains for longer. Choose NCH and extend the lifespan and efficiency of your building’s plumbing system, removing foul odours and eliminating back-ups and blockages.