Aerosol Protective Skin Cream

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  • Aerosol protective skin cream
  • Acts as a protective barrier from many water-soluble and non-water soluble irritants
  • Non greasy with excellent durability

lexite nf

Aerosol cleaner and degreaser for electronic and electrical equipment.

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  • Non flammable that cleans without fire or shorting and leaves no residue.
  • Fast drying and specially formulated for cleaning equipment without danger of fire or explosion.
  • Cools hot circuit boxes without damage to components.

non-flammable cleaner, electrical degreaser


Multi-Purpose Protective Coating & Conditioner

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  • Revitalizes Dull, Drab Surfaces & Keeps Surfaces Looking New.
  • Penetrates deep into the surface to restore lost color and shine.
  • Prevents aging and color fading.

conditioning degreaser


Heavy Duty Oil Degreaser

More Information

  • Natural solvent formulation all-purpose cleaner.
  • Removes heaviest deposits of grease, grime and oil.
  • Neutralizes foul odours with natural fragrance

heavy duty degreaser

nc-123 extra

Anti-Corrosion Compound for Electrical Equipment

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  • Displaces water with a continuous film
  • Seals against future moisture or water
  • Protects against rust and corrosion cleaning electrical parts

electrical cleaner


Water-soluble industrial solvent

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  • Contains a special penetrating emulsifier that floats away even the most stubborn soils.
  • Leaves no film - just a clean, bright surface
  • Corrosion inhibited and approved for food contact areas.

degreasing solvent, environmental degreaser, industrial degreaser

nd-150 rtu
ND-150 RTU

Penetrating water-soluble penetrating emulsifier.

More Information

  • Contains a special penetrating emulsifier that floats away even the most stubborn soils.
  • Does not burn or support combustion.
  • Contains special rust inhibitor to prevent corrosion.

degreasing solvent, environmental degreaser, industrial degreaser


Water-soluble degreasing solvent.

More Information

  • Heavy-duty grease-cutting power with environmental safety.
  • Maximum cleaning power with minimum odour.
  • Attacks and disperses grease, oil, sludge, carbon and other stubborn grime.

degreasing solvent, environmental degreaser

nd-165 rtu
ND-165 RTU

Ready to use heavy-duty water-soluble biodegradable degreaser.

More Information

  • Cleans metal, plastic and most painted surfaces.
  • "Combines powerful penetrants, dispersants
  • and emulsifiers."
  • "Reduces cleaning time. Free rinsing and
  • will not leave any residue."

degreasing solvent, environmental degreaser, industrial degreaser

shiny side

Non-acidic cleaner & aluminium brightener

More Information

  • Removes tough grime and layers of oxidation from aluminum.
  • Safe to use on equipment and aircon coils.
  • Targets the hard to reach areas.

aluminium cleaner, coil cleaner

tuff brake

Non-Chlorinated solvent for cleaning brakes and parts.

More Information

  • Cleans instantly, penetrates rapidly, and evaporates fast.
  • Effectively removes impurities from brake components.
  • When applied, it stops squeaks and squeals.

cleaning, brake cleaner

tuff scrub ii

Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaner

More Information

  • Powerful hand cleaner with natural scrubbing particles
  • Cleans embedded dirt under nails and on skin
  • Lavender scent softens and conditions skin

Hand cleaner

whip-it wipes

Industrial multi-purpose wipes

More Information

  • Does not need soap or water, leaves no residue.
  • Cleans through tough embedded soils.
  • Can be used to clean tools, equipment and work surfaces.

industrial wipe

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