Drain Maintenance

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Drain and Pipe Opener

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  • Formulated to clean and maintain problem drain lines
  • Restores and maintains free-flowing drains
  • Minimizes costly and filthy drains with regular use
  • Reduces foul odours in drains when used as a maintainer

drain maintainer, drain pipe opener


Drain & Sewer Treatment

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  • Instant and powerful elimintes backups and build ups
  • Ensures free flowing sewer lines and drains
  • Targets problems realted to foul odours
  • Dissolves hair, paper, organic waste, oil, grease, fats and soap

industrial drains, sewer treatement

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Powder Form Drain Opener

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  • Liquefies grease, fats, oil, hair and soap scum
  • Treat clogged drains in kicthens, bathrooms and wash areas
  • Prevents back-ups and blockages when used regularly
  • Blockages are cleared in 10-15 minutes

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Emergency Drain Opener

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  • Opens clogged drains without harming pipes
  • Elimiates backups instantly and dissolves blockages
  • Masks foul odours while cleaning
  • Corrosion inhibitors help protect pipes and drains

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