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Drain Cleaning done with the environment in mind


The rise of Biological Solutions

The drain cleaner market is observing a rapid adoption of more eco-friendly ways of cleaning drains and sewer lines. As they say the early bird gets the worm, and this proves to be true for NCH and its most successful Biological Drain Maintenance Program ever to be introduced to its product line – drum roll, let’s explore the ecoSTORM.


The demand increases as Facility Managers and Engineers seek out better solutions for the drain systems. Alternatives to the caustic and other conventional products are sought out for their safer and gentler effects on the environments. This is where the ecoSTORM really is ahead of the game. With Billions of Live Bacteria dosed into the drain lines daily, 19 times more than the nearest competitor, the ecoSTORM technology and concentrate liquid solution, combats fats, oils, grease, hair and other solid waste by feeding on them. This good bacteria eliminates the amount of food particles that cause decay in drain lines, and resolves the foul-smelling odour you would get from a congested back-up.

The beauty of this automated system ecoSTORM is that you don’t have to think about it. Once installed by a NCH technician, in even the smallest of spaces, this compact unit is setup to automatically dose the drains in kitchens, cafes, canteens, malls, restaurants, toilets, bars and sports clubs.

No more build-ups, blockages, flooding, expensive services, downtime, unwanted foul odours or the worry caused from those dirty drains! With this state-of-the-art system ecoSTORM, you will never think of it again. Drain Maintenance and protection at its best.

Oh, and back to the eco-friendly element, improving your impact on the environment is something we all need to be accountable and responsible for. ecoSTORM is rated the USGBC Best New Green Product Winner with the highest rating of Green! What more could you ask for.