NCH Australia Helps Farmers

SYDNEY - Hay Now! Hay Now!

It's past the time to do the right thing and help our farmers.

We hear the stories of desolate crops; the dying cattle and we read the endless headlines about the tragic circumstances facing farmers across Australia. And NCH decided to join others in helping the farmers through the toughest of times. 

With this autumn being the fourth warmest on record in Australia, with below average rainfall for most of the country according to Bureau of Meteorology.

Particularly New South Wales and many parts of the central and eastern region of the state are at one hundred percent drought. Not to mention all other territories around the country. The last record of drought experienced to this crisis was back in 1902 when the entire Australian wheat crop was all but lost.

So with this, NCH Australia has committed to donating 1% of it's sales revenue to Buy A Bale charity that are assisting aid to farming and rural communities with bales of hay for their livestock. 

Buy A Bale, as well as other registered charities, have been running this initiative successfully with partners like NCH in addressing the challenges farmers are experiencing. 

"Everyone needs to come together and help the farmers during this crisis. I can't imagine what it must be like to lose a fourth generation farm, or not be able to put food own the table." says Country Manager Stephen Scahill of NCH Australia.

The key is to ensure that businesses get involved to help out, but that due diligence is done in how they go about helping. Registered charities are available to offer assistance, and they are the ones that ensure the proceeds and donations get spread evenly to the rural and farming communities.

For more information about the 'Help us help our farmers' initiative with NCH Australia, please contact Marketing on:

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