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How to Avoid Costs associated with Drain Cleaning


The hidden costs and damage of unkept drain lines.


Speak to any Facility Manager and they will tell you that drain problems are so much more than bad smells and minor blockage issues. Blocked drains can cause an endless array of damage to any facility including flooding, disruption to essential operations, hygiene issues and concerns, emergency calls and downtime, inoccupancy due to this and many more.


Maintaining and having a sound maintenance plan is probably the very first step. Understanding the location of your problems or at least the most common within your plumbing system is always helpful. Managers can then more effectively support and co-ordinate equipment, staff and solution around these areas, minimizing the disruptions.

Traps, turns and even constrictions in a plumbing system are the first and most likely place for the blockages to occur. Sinks, toilets and floor drains all have traps. These traps ensure the quantity of water between the drain and sewer are controlled so that sewer gases are prevented from spilling into the environment. These traps also stop objects from getting stuck in the drain lines which become difficult to resolve.

The best solution for any drain line is to look at an automated solution that cleans and doses your drain flow system on a regular basis. A fully-automated solution that doses biological concentrate into the drain line, will consume the fats, oil and grease (FOG) hair, and other food waste. Dispensing a spore technology like no other is just what every commercial kitchen, canteen, bar, restaurant, sports club, and public toilets need. A solution that thinks for itself 24/7, leaving you without the hassle and the worry.

The ecoSTORM is the way to go. This Biological Drain Maintenance System is compact, easy to install and use, fitting into the smallest of areas. The ecoSTORM dispenses through the built-in pump that pumps free-flow liquid concentrate, 160 Billion live bacteria daily, boasting 19 times more bacteria than our nearest competitor.

Remove stress, worry, foul odours, downtime, expensive services and equipment.

Get NCH to install your ecoSTORM today.