In manufacturing plants, rust is the enemy. But few people realise the immense impact it has across the nation. Curtin University research has shown that the cost of rust and corrosion could be costing Australia up to $32 billion each year.

“Most decision makers do not realise that corrosion is a significant problem,” said Professor Rolf Gubner, Director of the WA Corrosion Research Group. “Timely, well-planned action on corrosion is one way that we can improve the efficiency of our economy. Besides saving money, doing this can also help prevent horrible accidents.”

Those on the frontline combatting rust may well know the dangers, but without access to the latest in chemical advancements, businesses are losing millions in time and money to corrosion. Whether treating the smallest nuts and bolts or the biggest and most essential machine parts, corrosions maintenance and prevention are an ongoing battle in manufacturing.

Aware of the huge costs to manufacturing plants, NCH chemists took on the challenge to create solutions that were both effective and safe to use. The solutions they came up with combined the latest research and technology to formulate a range of chemical solutions for the management of rust & corrosion. Used as part of a three-step process, they not only treat rust but also prevents it from returning, saving manufacturing businesses millions.

Already renowned for their industrial degreasers, the first step is to remove contaminants from all parts. The second step involves their patented X-Rust 7, a ground-breaking pH neutral system that is safe and environmentally friendly. It works at room temperature to remove tarnish and rust from carbon steel, mild steel, cast iron and other metals, inhibiting flash rusting. After soaking the part for between 15 minutes and 24 hours, depending on the severity of the rust, parts come out as good as new.

For parts that cannot be immersed, they have introduced X-Rust 7 Gel, which can be rubbed onto the metal and works the same way as the original product. Ideal for machinery and building structures it completely removes even deep rust in 24 hours.

Once the rust is removed, NCH offers a range of solutions to coat and protect the affected parts to prevent rust from returning.

Tackling the problem of the most dangerous corrosion which occurs in steel structures like pipe-work, pressure vessels, suspended walkways and cranes, they introduced a new hybrid rust-encapsulator called Salvage 2+. It encapsulates and seals with a top coat in a single coat, and its outstanding corrosion resistance stands up to the 3000-hour scribed hot salt spray test.

Wherever corrosion occurs, it has the potential to cost businesses money and even endanger lives. The advancements in treatment, if properly adopted by industry could save the Australian economy billions.

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