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31 March 2021

How Industrial Predictive Maintenance Can Help The Modern Manufacturing Industry

Innovations throughout industrial maintenance services now mean that predictive maintenance in manufacturing has become so advanced that it can save your business time, resources, and money.

Industrial Predictive Maintenance 

Industrial predictive maintenance is a data driven method of predicting maintenance requirements for machinery and software. Data analysts review data from machinery and identify patterns in order to accurately predict when maintenance will be required on units. Relevant data will depend on what machinery or software is being maintained but normally, asset condition, performance, and work-load are closely monitored. This ensures that upgrades and ongoing maintenance can be performed at times that aren’t costly to the business.

Historically, manufacturers relied on a more reactive model. Unable to accurately predict when machines would break or become faulty, the only realistic approach was to not make changes until they felt absolutely necessary. This caused unplanned downtime, stress throughout the business, ultimately impacting productivity and morale.

Innovations throughout industrial maintenance services now mean that predictive maintenance in manufacturing has become so advanced that it can save your business time, resources, and money.


Effectively Optimise Downtime

When you haven’t undertaken specialist maintenance services, downtime can seem like a daunting word. However, once implemented, predictive maintenance makes downtime just another part of your business. Any updates or changes to machinery and software happen at a time that is convenient to you and your staff.


Improve Employee Productivity

Whenever there is unplanned downtime, this causes ripples of disruption throughout the business. From staff being distracted by trying to problem solve to others not being able to complete their tasks until the machinery is running again, this can cause reductions in productivity which can affect profitability and employee morale.

Predictive maintenance minimises such disruptions and ensures that the safety, comfort, and working conditions for employees are as optimal as possible, without any interruptions to ongoing processes.


Extend equipment lifetime

Monitoring the changes, data, and output of the data within machinery means that you’re more likely to be able to identify problems as and when they start, as opposed to finding out too late that there’s been an ongoing issue within the machinery that’s caused it to eventually become unusable. Predictive maintenance in manufacturing can prolong the life of your machinery by ensuring that even minor changes and fixes are implemented as soon as possible.

These pattern detections can maximise uptime, limit costs of repairs and replacements and ultimately, save your business significant costs without requiring large compromise or difficulty.

At the heart of it, predictive maintenance in manufacturing is about being proactive in as many ways as possible: in regard to the safety of your staff, the workflow throughout your business, saving costs wherever possible, and learning what works best for your machinery.

It’s a cost-effective, simple solution to what can feel like very complex issues. Utilising data, technology, and accessible resources to ensure a fastidious workplace and output.


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