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The Latest In Air Disinfection Technology



Trust is something that you simply cannot overlook when it comes to health and our overall safety, especially during the ongoing pandemic. And let’s face it, it’s difficult to place our trust in our overall safety if we cannot even trust the air we breathe. Small particles can linger in the air for minutes, and even up to hours, which can be inhaled and lead to illness.


With no vaccine yet to be made readily available to the public, the best plan of action when it comes to protecting ourselves from COVID-19 is prevention first and foremost.


The usual social distancing measures and constant hand-washing helps in the prevention of infection. However, with a virus that can transmit through respiratory droplets and in the air, practicing additional precautions such as regular cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting is highly encouraged in ensuring the safety of everyone.


Having proper steps towards comprehensive cleanliness and disinfection in our workplace is a must. This means placing a ton of trust in the tools and supplies we use to maintain a virus-free environment down to possible exposed surfaces and overall air quality.






We at NCH value trust and safety to the utmost degree, which is why we developed our brand new Everbrite Filter with “trust” being the center point of its design and purpose.

The new Everbrite Filter is an all-around filter protector designed to kill viruses, germs, and bacteria when applied to your filtration and ventilation systems. It’s also effective in eliminating including SARS-CoV and over 100 viruses and bacteria without any need for direct physical contact with possible infected areas.

Its antimicrobial coating possesses “contact-killing”, “release-killing” and even “anti-adhesion” abilities to filters, and also creates a germicidal effect in less than 1 minute, and its virucidal effects can last for as long as three months with zero maintenance required for even better peace of mind!

Unlike other air disinfection systems, Everbrite Filter requires no additional space, no drilling or fiddly installation, and no extra energy consumption, making it one of the quickest, easiest, and most effective ways to disinfect the air in your business property.

But that’s not all! Everbrite Filter is also among the first filters to have undergone viral aerosol virucidal tests with 3rd party tests from USA, UK, China, Australia and Japan. This means that Everbrite Filter is internationally certified to meet world class standards when it comes to providing all-around filter protection.

With its top notch germicidal, virucidal, and odor eliminating capabilities, Everbrite Filter is truly your all-in-one protector for a cleaner and safer work environment for your staff and visitors.

Get NCH’s Everbrite Filter today, a filter you can trust!