With many people returning to offices and places of work in the wake of COVID-19 lockdowns, building managers are under pressure to ensure buildings are fully functional. Offices and other types of workplaces have been dormant for several months, and this can pose several challenges when they are reopened.

When ‘waking up’ your building, there are several points you need to take into account.

Air Quality

Air quality is more important than ever. People are more aware than ever before of the air we breathe and want it to be of high quality. Dirty air vents can be a hotbed for microorganisms that can pose a risk to health.

Before air circulation systems are restarted, building managers need to make sure these systems are clean and fully functional. Air quality might have been affected whilst systems were offline, and this could lead to the spread of pollutants and bad odors when restarted.

Air vents and coils should be cleaned, as should drain lines, ensuring systems are clean and fully operational before restart.


When buildings are reopened heating and cooling systems will have been inactive for an extended period, allowing the growth of microorganisms and bacteria. These can then be spread throughout the building by air conditioning and heating systems.

HVAC systems require maintenance and thorough cleaning after periods of dormancy. This also helps to prevent the release of any foul odors.


Similarly, as drains sit stagnant with low or zero flow, they become hotbeds for the growth of bacteria and bad odors. It is vital drains are cleaned and prepared for regular usage once more. Employees will also not feel comfortable working in a bad-smelling office space.

NCH Asia Pacific supplies ‘shock’ treatment for drains and grease traps where dormant clogs and blockages may have settled.


The problem with sewage does not end at the drains. Wastewater removal pipes and sewage pipes will also have suffered from low or zero water flow during hibernation. This can again cause bad odors from a build-up of unwanted sewer gases.

We have a solution to banish and clear up blockages such as limescale and uric acids, as well as build-ups of sewer gases, within 15 minutes.


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