With COVID-19 having shut down many factories and production facilities, there are a record number of water cooling systems lying dormant. Though modern systems are designed to withstand a period of hibernation, this can still lead to problems due stagnation, and these can be exacerbated if the systems are not properly ‘woken up’.

Long term problems which can be created by hibernation include:

  • Increase energy costs
  • Increase in maintenance costs
  • Leaks
  • Rapid bacteria growth
  • Respiratory diseases such as Legionella

When employees return to work and the facility is restarted, it is vital you carry out a comprehensive program of tests to ensure your water systems are restarted safely.

Wake Up Audit

When cooling systems are restarted a full Wake Up audit should be performed. This will identify whether or not your system is still in working order or has been damaged due to lying dormant. 

NCH Asia Pacific’s Chem-Aqua department offers a comprehensive Wake Up audit, reviewing and identifying specific issues and strategies for scale, corrosion and microbiological control.


Once the Wake Up audit has been completed, the system should then be comprehensively cleaned.

The Chem-Aqua solution involves physical and special chemical cleaning processes that penetrate heavy deposits, sludge, contaminants, microorganism, and biofilm. Our specialist program offers an effective solution and full peace of mind.

Chem-Aqua can then offer routine chemical cleaning and disinfection, vital for the maintenance of equipment such as cooling towers.


Water systems which have laid dormant for an extended period are hotspots for the growth of bacteria and microorganisms. One example of an organism which thrives in stagnant water is Legionella, the culprit behind Legionnaires’ Disease.

Chem-Aqua offers a comprehensive Legionella testing and disinfection program. We can assist in detecting and controlling waterborne pathogen risks, providing you with peace of mind.

Anti Corrosion

When a water system is shut down it must be done properly, otherwise, stagnant water will cause pitting and corrosion. With so many systems having been taken out of service - often at short notice - corrosion is a serious risk.

Chem-Aqua can provide a customized program for corrosion inhibition upon restart, to protect equipment like open cooling and closed-loop systems.

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