COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way we live our lives. Hygiene is more important than ever, both personally and professionally, and billions of people worldwide are having to rethink their outlook on hygiene management.

Most importantly, business and facilities managers are now having to place even more emphasis on a higher standard of facility hygiene. This is likely to become the new normal moving forward, to ensure the health and comfort of those using their facilities.

This emphasis on a higher quality of hygiene and facility quality extends not just to ensuring regular disinfection and sanitation, but to water cooling systems, building and HVAC maintenance, drain and wastewater management, machine maintenance and food handling.

This, combined with the fact that many facilities have been sitting dormant for several months during lockdown, means facility and business managers have a sizeable but vital job on their hands.

NCH Asia Pacific can assist in each one of these areas with an effective solution perfect for you. For more information, select one of our solutions and products from the list below. If you would like to discuss a bespoke solution with us, please visit our contact page.

Disinfection program

The NCH disinfection and sanitization program ensures a comprehensive solution to disinfecting facilities from hotels and hospitals to factories and offices. Our premium solutions help to stop the spread of germs in well-trafficked workplace areas, whilst saving time and labour.

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Cooling water system

Water systems such as cooling towers and boilers are dynamic by design. With the current pandemic situation, these systems may not be operating consistently due to regular shutdowns and restarts. NCH Asia Pacific can offer full cleaning, disinfection and sanitization programs for cooling water systems.

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Wake up your building

When your business or facility reopens for business after COVID-19, you need to ensure all aspects of the building are in full working order after lying dormant. This includes drains, HVAC and wastewater systems.

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Machinery maintenance program

With machines having lain dormant for many weeks or months, it is vital you ensure they are in full working order before work restarts. Failure to ensure the operational safety of your machinery could lead to profit loss, inefficiency - or worse - serious injury.

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Food safety program

Personal hygiene, environmental cleaning, disinfection and pest management are all vital areas to consider before reopening post-COVID. NCH Asia Pacific can assist with all these areas.

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