Our Mission & Values

mission and values

Our Mission & Values

We have three main aims here at NCH Asia Pacific:

Our first aim is to be the best company in the world at cleaning water with our water treatment processes. We work hard for various customers in the sector to achieve the best solutions for water purification and wastewater treatment needs.

Our second aim is to maintain industrial equipment that is economically desirable to customers. We're aware that all the sectors we work with are in need of environmentally friendly industrial equipment to ensure maximum sustainability and cautiousness when it comes to carbon footprints.

Our third aim is to maximise our environmental practices so that we can pride ourselves on being environmentally friendly and responsible. To do this, we practice water and energy conservation wherever we can and research how our solutions and equipment can stand to be as efficient as possible.

Our aims are something we take very seriously and want to ensure we're carrying out in our day-to-day tasks, solutions and services.

Saving water through water treatment processes, practising energy conservation and reducing operating costs are all important concerns not only for our industries but also, increasingly, for public and commercial institutions. NCH offers a specialised facilities service, providing expert knowledge and optimised solutions for each client.

NCH Facilities clients will benefit from world-class products, services and technical know-how in:

  • Drain and wastewater management
  • HVAC
  • Odor Control
  • Maintenance and Safety

We focus on commercial, industrial, and infrastructure businesses in Asia Pacific.
Customers value our offering based on:

  • Reliable, close, and personal relationships.
  • Expertise in understanding their operations.
  • Our technology delivers demonstrable benefits.
  • Our cautiousness of environmentally friendly industrial equipment and practices.

It is with this mission firmly in our mind that we have developed a business strategy that is our roadmap in maintaining excellence in everything we do.


In pursuing our strategy, NCH Asia Pacific focuses efforts and investments on developing unparalleled knowledge, technical competency, and competitive differentiation on 6 platforms:

  • Maintenance
  • Chem-Aqua (Water Treatment)
  • Lubricants
  • Biological Wastewater Treatment
  • Food Safety
  • Life Sciences
  • Route to customers

We believe in "people doing business with people" - NCH develops and grows a direct sales force network to nurture personal relationships, continuously enhance its customer understanding, and drive market penetration.

We are going to be the best company in the world at cleaning water, conserving energy, and maintaining equipment that is economically desirable to our customers and environmentally responsible.

Contact us today to find out more about our mission and values. We'll be happy to help.